Joyland Bali 2024 Recap
Mantra Vutura
Joyland Bali 2024: An Entertaining Treat of Music and Culture Despite the Thunderstorm

[BALI/NUSA DUA] The Peninsula of Nusa Dua hosted the three day affair of Joyland Bali 2024 with such an enthusiastic crowd. Held from March 1st – 3rd 2024, Joyland Bali 2024 was teemed with amazing performers such as James Blake, Todd Terje, Kings of Convenience, Isyana Sarasvati, Nadin Amizah, Shintaro Sakamoto and many more. Despite the thunderstorm that blasted the whole island of Gods in the afternoon, nevertheless the show must go on and we witnessed some of the most passionate onlookers as they faced the rain bravely to see their favorite acts. On the first day, we could see an array of colorful raincoats swarmed the stages of Nadin Amizah, Stars and Rabbit, White Shoes & The Couples Company, The Adams, Shintaro Sakamoto up to Pearl and The Oysters. The Adams introduced their new formation as a trio since the departure of Pandu Fuzztoni and Gina as well. As the rain grew less intense, the visitors started to enjoy what Joyland Bali 2024 had to offer. As usual, on Shrooms Stage, various stand up comics performed their well prepared skits to entertain the guests. Mo Sidik, Mukti Entut, Nyoman Nanda, and Rin Hermana succeeded to draw laughters and happiness from those who watched.

Joyland Bali 2024 Recap
Shintaro Sakamoto

Moving on to the second day, Bali’s renowned warm weather greeted us from the morning. More families with their children came on the second day compared to the first installment on Friday. So the atmosphere was a lot more cheerful as we enjoyed the live music from Kings of Convenience, Ali, Bilal Indrajaya, Whitney, Mantra Vutura and more. Kings of Convenience did a brief cover of Indonesian song from White Shoes & The Couples Company called “Bersandar” before singing their own song “Love is a Lonely Thing”. However, as night grew darker, the rain started to pour and thunder once again struck the Peninsula. We had to give Eva Celia her flowers for bracing the thunderstorm and professionally finished her set unharmed. The significant change in weather made us go hungry and we replenished it by visiting Joyland Village which offered curated food and beverage stalls. We also had the chance to take a look at few art installments which showcased Joyland’s signature vibrant tone.

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The third day was probably the most stable weather we got during Joyland Bali 2024. Even though the sky was grey and cloudy since the afternoon, not a drop of rain fell upon us that day. Dialog Dini Hari performed on their own turf beautifully, as more performers like Hindia, James Blake, Todd Terje, Isyana Sarasvati, and The Walters graced the main three music stages of Joyland. A performance from the elusive musician Frau at White Peacock area was a welcome surprise as she performed a musical adaptation of a children book written by Aria Duta Bimantoro. Her mini musical adaptation of the aforementioned book lit up the area which was dedicated for family activities. As our feet grew sore, we took a break at Cinerillaz  to watch curated movies by JAFF-Netpac. The whole three day at The Peninsula felt like a dream and as it wrapped up, the beautiful memories left within our core memories reminded us once again why we always love Joyland especially when it is held in Bali. See you next year!

Nadin Amizah

Writer: Novita Widia/Documentation: Hanif Ardhika