7 Things on Joyland 2023 Jakarta That Just Makes Sense!

[JAKARTA] Joyland 2023 Jakarta has been wrapped up successfully with prominent musicians like Interpol, Mew, and Fleet Foxes headlining the festival. The event has left a huge impression on both performers and attendees and we have compiled 7 things during Joyland 2023 that just makes sense. Check it out!

  1. Water Refill Station

Cr: Corkcicle Indonesia

Often times, festivals charge the visitors with rising prices including its mineral water, but Joyland is an exception. Committed to make the event eco-friendly and more sustainable, Plainsong Live as the organizer have prepared a water filling station that were scattered throughout the venue. You can simply bring an empty water bottle and fill it up on the go. Sponsored by Corkcicle, the water station was pretty compact but enough to quench the thirst of festivalgoers to stand the heat of Jakarta. Hopefully this service won’t go away anytime soon and should be an example for other festivals onward.

2. Reasonable price for F&B tenants

Joyland Village. Credit: Plainsong Live

One of the noteworthy things during Joyland is the price for its food and beverage can be considered affordable as the tenants are curated and filled with some of the notable names on F&B business such as Suasana Kopi, Warpopski, Lazyland, RM Lokiin, Dua Coffee, Nasgero and many more. Those who have come since early afternoon does not have to worry of starvation, as much as IDR50,000 could make you full and satisfied. A bargain compared to other festivals that could charge you more than IDR100,000 for a proper meal.

3. Soft grass

Cr: Plainsong Live

We didn’t know whether GBK’s grass were already soft before Joyland 2023 Jakarta was held, but for the 3-day affair we could feel the softness of the grass by sitting and lying down on it while taking a rest. This soft texture was gentle to our skin, especially those who took their children along as the can safely run and play on the grass without worries of scratches. It was in its best condition on day 3 when the rain was too shy to fall.

4. Recycled Art Installation and Rides

Cr: Plainsong Live

Just like we said earlier, Joyland’s commitment to hold eco-friendly show is no joke. They collaborate with art studio called This/Play to create various installations like the huge Throwie Monsta that was made out of 6,900 plastic waste. It doesn’t stop on art installations, Olah Plastic as another collaborator on this project managed to make various signage, power outlets, stools, children playground and many more out of 438.84 of plastic waste that they have repurposed! We hope their creations did not go to waste after the festival was held.

5. Raincoat as merchandise

Humblezing x Joyland. Cr: Humblezing

Plainsong Live knew damn well all the risk they got for holding a festival during Indonesia’s rainy season, so it only makes sense that they produce raincoats that could also serve as merchandise, right? Collaborating with Bandung’s based Humblezing, the visitors could purchase the raincoat on this store. Despite the pouring rain, the fun must continue!

6. Various photo booths and spots

Cr: Plainsong Live

Having only 1 or 2 dedicated photo booths are so last year. Joyland provided various photo booths, and photo spots with multiple design choices that you could utilize during the festival. Joyland aside, various sponsors like Indofood also got its own photo booth inside their facility. The varying photo spots hinder us from queuing, so celebrate the moment by taking one or more snaps with many possibilities!

7. Strict rules for no-smoking area

Cr: Plainsong Live

One thing we possibly love and respect the most is how non-smokers were provided with smoke-free area and how the committees seemed to obey this rule to the core. Their respectful way of reminding visitors for smoking on smoke-free are was worth applauding as well. In return, we could see families with children, elderly, as well as those with underlying health problems could enjoy the festival to the fullest and smokers could fulfill their nicotine needs on specific area as well. Joyland 2023 Jakarta must have imprinted on the children’s core memories.

Editor: Novita Widia