Glaskaca Staedig EPGlaskaca Released Its 2nd EP about Life Journey of A Human Called “Staedig”

Meet Glaskaca, an alternative indie band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed in 2013, the band entered Indonesia’s music industry with the release of its first EP called “Identity” in 2015. Glaskaca are comprised of Dias Widjajanto (Vocals, Guitar), Moses P. Mahitala (Guitar, Programming), Rayhan Noor (Guitar, Synth, Keyboard), Aldi Nugroho (Drums) and Fahmi Darussalam (Bass). Although the band is still unsigned to any record label and does self-produced records, it does not stop them in being productive and finally they released their second EP on January 20th. The second EP is titled “Staedig”, released two years after the first EP in 2017.

“Staedig” went through a long process in the making that took 6 months. The EP was recorded in several studios, encapsulated the band’s total transformation as musicians with rich dimensions in its musical and sound aspects. It consists of 5 songs: The Quest, Message, Machine, Staedig, and Ashes. According to Rayhan, Staedig’s lyricist, Staedig is how Glaskaca sees the life journey of a human. It begins with questioning everything about it, experiencing, conceiving every meaning and finding how it works. At the end of all this madness, they believe it will all just vanish.

Glaskaca Staedig EPThe tracks in “Staedig” are mostly gloomy, with some songs (especially the progression) remind us of Radiohead’s latest record. Their music style tends to follow the mix of psychedelic alternative rock trend, while also maintaining the easy listening aspect. The only slightly disturbing part of the tracks is the pronunciation of the singer, Dias Widjajanto. The tracks are in English, and the vocalist’s articulation is not up to par, so it makes us hard to understand the lyrics just by listening to the tracks. But apart of this minor flaw, the tracks are somehow enjoyable and its flow from one to another is pretty smooth.

Starting from January 20th 2017, “Staedig” could be listened in Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple music, and other music streaming platforms. A limited number of physical copies of “Staedig” has been sold out, showing how people are truly jamming out to this album. Stay tuned on their social media to know about the possible re-issue of their physical release.

Writer: Jatrifia Ramadhani/Editor: Novita Widia