Fletch Laraku PilumuFletch Showcased A Beautiful Heartbreak on “Laraku, Pilumu”

Folk outfit hailing from Malang, Fletch has returned to the scene with their latest effort called “Laraku, Pilumu”. The band who is famous for their breakout single “Tiga Pagi” took a long time to come up with new materials since their members were scattered between two cities, Malang and Jakarta. It was Danti (ukulele) who wrote the materials for “Laraku, Pilumu” based on her personal experience of heartbreak and a separation she faced in 2018. Since then, she came up with the lyrics that chronicled the aforementioned occurrence. Musically, there is no dramatic differences between their new song and their previous “Konotasi” album. We can still hear the combination of guitar, violin, bass and other instruments. However, this time around, spoken words become one of the main element of “Laraku, Pilumu”. In the beginning of the song, you can listen to some spoken words in courtesy of Sal Priadi – fellow musician from Malang, that portray a farewell between two people.

Richard’s vocal isn’t alone on this track as Fletch listed the help from Gracella Melody from Marigold and Neysa Griselda as backing vocals. As you might have read that Fletch’s members are scattered between two cities, “Laraku, Pilumu” was done virtually without having all of the members meet in person. The song evokes a cathartic feeling to both the listeners, and we believe Danti as well who wrote it. Having listened to the soothing melodies and its calming instruments, Fletch has managed to be a musical unit who can translate human’s innermost feeling into powerful lyrics. Their instruments are simple and there isn’t much progression or musically challenging exploration. However, their lyrics and ability to relate to most people’s feeling has become a weapon that they use so well.

Its accompanying music video further laments our thought that Fletch do not only soothe us through our ears, but also our eyes. Visually calming cinematography paired with warm color tones should be able to help you get through your hardest times. “Laraku, Pilumu” is available to be streamed on various digital streaming services and the music video can be watched on Youtube below!