Fletch Konotasi AlbumFletch Eventually Reveal Debut Album “Konotasi”

Folk group formed in Malang, Fletch, had a great time this year after their two singles “Tiga Pagi” and “Sadajiwa” received much love from the listeners. Gaining lots of streams boost the confidence of the band and finally they revealed their full lenght debut album called “Konotasi” on 16 December 2017. You could find 10 songs in this album including 2 bonus tracks “3.A.M” and “Oxygen”. The meaning of the album’s title is pretty meta for you to understand. But here, we try to simplify it to your better understanding. Explicitly, “Konotasi” means an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal meaning. The band want to convey that their songs also have other meanings besides their literal meanings. Pain, happiness, and emptiness become the core emotions you could find in this album. The band also stated that they let the listeners to give their own interpretationm experience  and feelings towards their songs on “Konotasi”.

“The materials in this album is a portrayal of pain, happiness, and emptiness as well as other conscious or unconscious feelings that all people must have gone through in their lives. We want our works to represent the feelings from people out there. So, the meanings of each of this song depends on our listeners,” said Fletch through a press release. In this album, Fletch showcase their traditional folk sounding tunes, with lots of acoustic guitar and string section that turn a rather simple song becomes more rich-sounding. Besides, the band are not afraid to insert other influences in this album like post-rock, indie pop, and dream pop. Richard (vocal, guitar), Rido (keyboard, vocal), Danti (ukulele), Rifqi (drum), Amanda (violin), and Naufalia (bass) also plan to hold a showcase for this album on Sunday, 24 December 2017. Meanwhile, for a start, you could listen to their album on digital streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.