Joyland Festival 2019 Warmth Review
Joyland stage
JOYLAND Festival 2019 Brings Hopefulness & Warmth

Not many festivals could give us an impeccable impression upon the first visit, but that is not the case for JOYLAND Festival 2019. Being held for two days from 7 – 8 December 2019 at Lapangan Panahan, Senayan, Jakarta, the music festival made us hopeful that other organizers could bring the same ambiance and positive aura to their celebration. After hibernating for six years, Joyland returned with a one of a kind concept. The festival boasted its own character and appeal which caters visitors from all ages. You could find warmth in every corner, soft and pillowy grass below your feet, and smoke-free space throughout the venue. Various stages that entertained the festivalgoers could be enjoyed while sitting at the soft grass. There are in total 6 stages available that included 3 music stages: Joyland Stage, Lily Pad (curated by Efek Rumah Kaca), and Hello Dangdut. The other two were Shrooms Garden (stand-up comedy stage curated by Soleh Solihun), Cinerillaz (movie screening spot curated by Anggun Priambodo), and White Peacock (a workshop and story telling venue curated by Klub Buku Narasi and Najwa Shihab).

JOYLAND Festival’s concept reminded us so much with Folk Music Festival which was held in 2018 at Batu, Malang. Once a performer was done with their set, the following performer started its set right away on another stage. The punctuality was a rare phenomenon in Indonesia’s festival scene, especially after the tragedy of Musikology which happened a week earlier due to the messed up schedule. The first day was filled with music from Mad Madmen, Ardhito Pramono, Duara, Mooner, Poem Modulator, The Trees and The Wild, Endah & Rhesa, Tops, Bayangan, Eva Celia, Yves Tumor, and Washed Out. Sir Dandy brought fun and surprises on stage by throwing a lot of unfiltered jokes. Laughter was an inevitable side-effect after seeing them performing. Feel Koplo on Hello Dangdut stage brought along the famous Bude Sumiyati with her signature red hair. Mondo Gascaro’s set which featured Oele Pattiselanno and Rien Djamain was like a throwback to Indonesia’s music scene in the ’50s – ’70s.

Joyland Festival 2019 Warmth Review
Lily Pad

At White Peacock, we could enjoy Reda Gaudiamo put her storyteller mode on and entertained the onlookers with stories from her book. Yogyakarta’s soloist/pianist, Frau, showed her impeccable set on this stage as well bringing songs from her latest discography as well as the older ones. As the night went deeper, White Shoes & The Couples Company closed out the musical parade on the first day of Joyland Festival 2019 at Lily Pad. As always, this group never failed to amaze us with their hit songs and unique style. Moving on the second day, the crowd grew bigger. Musicians like Naif, Dialita, The Adams, Frankie Cosmos, Jirapah, Maliq & D’essentials up to Hatchie were among the line-up for the second day.

Lily Pad was filled with various performers including Dialog Dini Hari. Dadang, the frontman of the group uttered that Joyland Festival 2019 had a special place in his heart because the band always participated in this event starting from its 2012 and 2013 edition. Anna of The North managed to steal our attention with her lively and energetic performance. As a closing, Indonesia’s renown groups Efek Rumah Kaca and Barasuara satisfied our festival experience that night. Aside from the music stages, Shrooms Garden was equally entertaining. Up and coming comics threw jokes after jokes that talked about everything, starting from their past experiences, up to the latest trend in pop culture or politics.Joyland Festival 2019 Warmth Review

Joyland Festival 2019 was the redeemer for all the chaotic festivals we had in 2019. This event was a prime precedent that a festival’s aim shouldn’t be a huge crowd or tens of foreign line-up. Instead, a great ambience, a borderless melting arena for both performers and spectators, a joyous experience, and an environmental and family friendly concept can be some determining factors that would make the festival lasts. We hope to see Joyland Festival again in coming years, with more exciting line-up, but the same warmth and closeness we felt this year.

Reporter: Fransisca Hana/Editor: Novita Widia