JOYLAND Festival 2019 Complete Line UpJOYLAND Festival 2019 Announced Complete Line-Up!

This year marks a new beginning for JOYLAND Festival as they announced their grand return to the industry. The festival had been absent for a while after holding their last celebration in 2013. Teasers after teasers have now come to a completion and the complete line-up for the JOYLAND Festival 2019 has been announced through their official social media account. The festivity will be held for two days on 7 – 8 December 2019 at Lapangan Panahan, Gelora Bung Karno. More than 30 musical acts have confirmed their attendance, and other performers including stand up comedians, art performers, and many more will make your experience at the festival become more lively. “For us at JOYLAND Festival, rearranging this festival is all about embracing our great friends to come along. This year, we invited Efek Rumah Kaca, Soleh Solihun, and Anggun Priambodo as the music, stand-up comedy, and film curators respectively,” said Ferry Darmawan, the program director of the music festival.

The aforementioned curators have made a name for themselves, so it only befits that the festival trusted the curating process to them wholeheartedly. Different from similar festival that is also held in Jakarta, JOYLAND takes a bold approach to invite festivalgoers from all ages. It is aimed for children, teens, and adults who can experience the joy and happiness from attending a festival that caters people from all kinds of background. Efek Rumah Kaca’s curated acts will perform on Lilypad, a special area dedicated to their invitees. Among them, there are Sir Dandy, Jirapah, Made Mawut, Puti Chitara, Duara, Bayangan, Mad Mad Men, Mondo Gascaro dengan Rien Djamain & Oele Pattiselano, Poem Modulation (Yoshi Fe, Firzi O, Ratri N, Rieke S). The similarities among these acts are they have played at Kios Ojo Keos, a public space owned and operated by Efek Rumah Kaca.

JOYLAND Festival 2019 Complete Line Up
Full Line-Up

Soleh Solihun have curated a solid line-up of comedians who come from different backgrounds like teacher, athlete, and many more. The names that have been confirmed to attend are Yusril Ihza Fahriza, Oki Rengga, Ali Akbar, Awwe, Aci Resti, Kiky Saputri, Eka Kuota and Nury Zhafira. They are slated to perform at Shrooms Garden which is situated at the venue. Meanwhile, Anggun Priambodo who is assigned at Cinerillaz will bring along a few intimate short films. “I promise that the audience could enjoy short films from various genres like fiction, documentary, experimental, and animation which were produced in the past two years by Indonesian filmmakers and artists,” said Anggun.

Beside national acts, JOYLAND Festival 2019 also invites performers from abroad which are Hatchie (Australia), Frankie Cosmos (US), Yves Tumor (US), Washed Out (US), Tops (Canada) and Anna of the North (Norway).  The tickets for the festival have been up on sale starting from IDR200.000 up to IDR2.500.000 (group tickets) via and Kios Ojo Keos. Enjoying two days filled with various activities, great ambience, and impeccable music in an open public space of Jakarta might be a dream come true. So, what you’re waiting for? Cop the tickets fast before it is sold out!

JOYLAND Festival 2019 Complete Line Up
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