Pagi Tadi SenyawaPagi Tadi Give Delightful New Single “Senyawa” From Their Forthcoming Second Album

Folk collective from Malang, Pagi Tadi once again delight our ears and hearts with the release of their new single called “Senyawa”. The trio comprised of Yulius Nugroho Putra/Benu (lyrics, arrangement, vocal, guitar), Paulus Putra/Puput (guitar, backing vocal), and Fransiscus Asisi/ Cus (bass, backing vocal) describe a tranquillity of a morning time when the sun starts shining, and all of mother earth’s natural compound wake up to greet the day. The inspiration for the song came after they spent the night at Semeru Mountain, it came unexpectedly and they did not change any lyrics or music from the initial arrangement. At 2 in the morning on 23 January 2017, this song was born and it was officially uploaded onto their Youtube account two days ago on 5 February 2017.

“Senyawa” will be included in Pagi Tadi’s sophomore album titled “Taize”. Just like their first album “Kembara”, Pagi Tadi’s music touches the subject of nature, environment, human and God. According to their press release, “Senyawa” means unifying and complementing every element especially nature, human and their creator. This song is dedicated to human’s life cycle from various religious backgrounds with others and their Gods. The message could be found if you dissect their poetic lyrics which often use metaphor and personifiaction. Combined with a light string instruments and wind instrument, it gives the listeners peace of mind. We feel at ease while listening to this song.

Moreover, Pagi Tadi have released their debut album called “Kembara” which made it onto our 20 Malang’s Indie Essential Tracks list last year. They managed to sell more than 600 physical copies of the CD and it is also available to be streamed through a host of digital streaming outlets life Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and many more. For their live performance, Pagi Tadi also list two additional players there are  Rolando Alfredo on cajon and Gun Saleh on Cello. Listen to their latest single “Senyawa” below.