SCALLER Concert "Spirit of The Thing"This Video by Scaller for “Flair” Will Creep You Out

If you’re a fan of movies like “Hereditary”, “Satan’s Slave”, or even “Mandy”, then it’s safe to say that you are going to like Scaller’s latest visualization for their single “Flair”. Appointing Jordan Marzuki as the director, Scaller held nothing back for bringing an artistic take of a story of a cult leader. “Flair” itself is the new single taken from their critically acclaimed debut LP “Senses” which was released back in 2017. “We’ve been wanting to visualize Flair into a music video since we released our first album, but unfortunately it took us 1.5 years to finally find the right concept and storyline that we really like.”, said Stella (vocal/synth). The song itself, like most of the songs in Scaller’s debut album, contains certain gloominess.

Unlike “The Youth” which offers a chock full of synths in its instrument part, “Flair” serves the combination of acoustic and electric guitar with a rhythmic drum pace. The melodies remind us of a mix between Queens of The Stone Age and Radiohead, but with Scaller’s own characteristics injected to it. “This song represents both of our doubts and uncertainties that appears among our lives, and as time went on, we started to see how the song gradually becomes more relevant with our current social phenomena.”, said Reney Karamoy (guitar/vocal).Scaller Flair Music Video Review

So, can we start talking about the music video yet? Jordan Marzuki who has previously helmed projects for Elephant Kind and Neonomora, interpreted the single with a guide from Stella. Developed by the lyrics, you can see a figure of a self-absorbed man who believes that he was chosen by the higher power to lead other people, while in fact, he is just a full-blown narcissist whose every command must be adhered to. Leading a cult called “Majelis Kehampaan”, he manipulated his followers to do a mass suicide. There is also a twist towards the end of the video that we might not want to spoil, so you’d have to see it. Supported by Maji Piktura for the production process, the video is an amazing piece that we’d want to see in a big screen in the future. Hey, it’s not impossible for Scaller to do an original soundtrack for a horror/thriller movie, right? Anyway, watch “Flair” video on their official Youtube channel below.