SCALLER "Senses"SCALLER Reveal Long Awaited Debut Album “Senses”

The alternative rock duo hailing from Jakarta, SCALLER (Simply Called Reverse) charmed us last year when they introduced their single such as “The Youth” as well as their first EP called “1991” that was out in 2013. Our experience with SCALLER gets even more exciting when we attended their show which was dazzling and also energetic. On the very first day of 2017, the band that is comprised of Reney Karamoy (guitar/vocal) and Stella Gareth (lead vocal/keys/synth) unveiled their debut album titled “Senses”. It came as a surprise to us, since the only teaser we got is a short video they uploaded on their Instagram. With minimum time to prepare ourselves to digest the news, “Senses” has successfully taken us off-guard.

The album delivers smooth transitions between tracks and the seamless flow is the result of SCALLER’s hard work to record this album between the course of November 2015 to December 2016. Taking almost a year to finish this album, SCALLER show their idealism in making their music through “Senses”. In total, 9 songs were created to delight our ears with 2 previous released singles “The Youth” and “A Song” are also included in the album. “Senses” is a self-produced album in which Reney Karamoy became the head of production and they were assisted by Gerard Rumintjap as the mixer and engineer. Grammy Award winner, Brian Lucey also took part in mastering this album in Magic Garden Mastering. Three excellent drummers which are Enrico Octaviano, Dhani Siahaan, and Usman Pranoto joined forces with SCALLER to help them complete the instrument on several tracks.

SCALLER "Senses"
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Visually, Novan V. Adikresna came along to create a mesmerizing album artwork as well as its package design. Dominated by blue to grey hue, the artwork represents SCALLER’s cold tone that emerge in “Senses”. The debut album is a tremendous effort from SCALLER that might become a staple in our playlist for quite some time. “Senses” is available to be streamed and purchased digitally through iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc and for those who love physical records, you can pre-order their album through their website here.

“Senses” Tracklist :
01. The Alarms
02. Flair
03. Move in Silence
04. Senses
05. Three Thirty
06. A Song
07. The Youth
08. Upheaval
09. Dawn is Coming