The Internet Showed Enormous Confidence in Lalala Fest 2019's StageThe Internet Showed Enormous Confidence in Lalala Fest 2019’s Stage

BANDUNG (2/23) – Despite getting quite a lot of backlash from the attendees, we cannot deny the fact that Lalala Fest 2019 has formulated a great line-up for their third edition. Becoming the first time for The Internet to perform in the archipelago, Syd Tha Kid and crew became the fifth performer of the night. Taking the biggest stage at Lalala Stage, the crew took a pretty long time to set up the whole ensemble starting from the drum kit, keyboard, bass, guitar, and microphones. Afterward, one by one, the members of The Internet entered the stage starting from Matthew Martin (keyboard), Christopher Smith (drum), while Steve Lacy (guitar) and Patrick Paige (bass) entered simultaneously. Syd became the last person to enter the stage and she could be seen hanging around at the side of the stage before her cue to enter came in. The band started the groove by playing the lead single from their latest album “Hive Mind” which is “Roll (Burbank Fur)”. This song enabled Steve’s vocals to shine through, so Syd actually didn’t stand out too much.

The band was pretty interactive with the audience by greeting them and saying that they were excited to play in Indonesia especially Bandung for the first time. The R&B/funk group which was a part of Odd Future’s crew have released four studio albums in total. However, “Ego Death” which was released in 2015 cemented their career in the music industry as this album generates a few of notable hits like “Special Affair”, “Just Sayin’ / I Tried”, “Under Control”, and “Girl”. Syd’s undeniable aura also helps the band to stand out from the crowd. Syd’s charm was very apparent during their performance as some people from the audience shouted out her name out loud. The frontwoman who isn’t shy about her sexual orientation seems very comfortable in her skin and she oozes a different kind of sexiness that draws your eyes to her every gesture.

The Internet Showed Enormous Confidence in Lalala Fest 2019's Stage
Syd Tha Kid

While Christopher Smith has decided to go shirtless since the very first song, Syd followed suit to throw her jacket away showing a unique fashion sense of a white crop top T-shirt and baggy pants. Steve also showed off his eclectic taste in fashion by donning 70s inspired jacket with bright neon patterns. They played a pretty great dynamics throughout their set by starting off with up to mid-tempo songs. After four or five consecutive numbers, The Internet toned down the heat with some of their most romantic love songs. The breeze and drizzle at Cikole, Lembang, Bandung that night made the occasion even more sentimental. There were still more songs from The Internet that we haven’t been able to witness that night, but their short set was enough to fulfill our curiosity of their live performance and they didn’t disappoint. We wish we could half of their confidence on stage!

Documentation: Lalala Fest 2019/Writer: Novita Widia