Elephant Kind Pleaser ReviewWelcoming Elephant Kind’s Reverb Laden Single “Pleaser”

Elephant Kind seems to be evolving each time they release new material, and this time we are pleasantly surprised with “Pleaser” (see what we did there?). Becoming the second single off the band after they introduced their new member, Kevin Septanto, the song sounds like Elephant Kind but also not quite the same as they used to sound like. First of all, they open the whole ensemble with a reverb-laden guitar. Then, Bam Mastro’s voice rides along the repetitive melodies and followed up by Bayu Adisapoetro’s drum and Kevin’s thumping bass. Repeating the phrase “I’m out of my mind” several times in the background, the song which sounds dream pop-ish at the beginning, transforms into tunes that remind us of Elephant Kind’s earliest era on 1:40 mark. Once we thought that this song has shown all of its charms, it encapsulates Elephant Kind’s “City J” era afterward. Electronic fueled beats, auto-tuned voice, and synths that were shown during the aforementioned LP were featured briefly on “Pleaser”. No wonder that the band stated that this song sums up all of their previous era as well as their current one.Elephant Kind Pleaser Review

Released via Cubs Club Entertainment, the song is a follow-up to their previous single, “Sour”, which sounds unlike the old Elephant Kind as well, by the way. They also simultaneously released the music video for “Pleaser” which is by far, the simplest music video from the band we have ever watched. Optimizing the use of green screen and motion graphics, the video which was directed by Ibnu Dian showcases a playful side of Elephant Kind. The band wore a similar outfit in a retro setting. The zoomed in scenes of the members’ faces are quite hilarious and meme-worthy. Not to mention that it looks like an infomercial cut. The latest work from the band is a testament towards their carefree attitude in making music. Hopefully, this trend continues for the rest of their upcoming album. Meanwhile, enjoy “Pleaser” on various digital streaming services and watch the video on Youtube below.