Elephant Kind Sour SingleElephant Kind Introduces New Member + New Single “Sour”

A few days after officially announcing Dewa Pratama’s departure from the band, Elephant Kind introduced a new member as well as a new single called “Sour”. Just as we predicted earlier, Kevin Septanto who has been with the band since the past year is officially an Elephant Kind’s member. The bassist replaced the vacant position left by John Paul Patton who left the band in 2015 to focus on his project, Kelompok Penerbang Roket. Kevin who has been with the band since then shares his huge passion in music with both Bayu Adisapoetro and Bam Mastro, making him a perfect fit for Elephant Kind. With this new formation, EK opens up a new chapter in their musical journey with “Sour”. This single is unlike any song they have released previously. The band who usually relies heavily on synths and other electronic instruments now use an acoustic guitar as its main instrument for this single. The electronic vibe that becomes the characteristic of this trio is still apparent on the background.

Elephant Kind Sour Single
“Sour” Artwork

From the beginning to the end, we are serenaded with Bam Mastro’s vocals. It is a slow tempo song that showcases Elephant Kind’s different approach. Auto-tune voice, synths, and vocoders can be heard between the verses. “Sour” sees the maturing process of the band who has released their full-length album “City J” in 2016. While on the previous record, they sound like a Kanye West’s copycat, “Sour” gives them a chance to show their own uniqueness. No sing-rapping, no gospel-infused song like Kanye did on “TLOP”. “Sour” is simply a combination of acoustic and electric instruments, injected with Bam’s magnificent high-pitched voice. Through a press release, EK said that this song is the simplest track they’ve made. Dewa’s departure is proved to have little to no effect to the band’s overall music. It is also said that “Sour” signifies the change that they choose for their upcoming releases. For Elephant Kind’s hardcore fans or listeners, this song might sound weird at first, but once you listen to it at a perfect moment, this song might touch your soul. “Sour” can be listened on various digital streaming services like Spotify, JOOX, iTunes, Apple Music, and more.