Elephant Kind Dewa Pratama DepartureElephant Kind’s Guitarist, Dewa Pratama Announced Departure From The Band

The truth is hard to swallow and it always happens when we see a member’s departure from a band or any musical group. This morning, it was just announced that Elephant Kind‘s guitarist/keyboardist, Dewa Pratama, has left the band. Through an announcement made on Elephant Kind’s official social media, they uploaded several pictures of the guitarist with a caption saying “Elephant Kind & Dewa Pratama have decided to go separate ways”. It was also revealed that the decision came from the discussion of two parties and the separation was the best option for both. Since his departure, the band who has produced 2 EPs and 1 full-length album only leave Bam Mastro and Bayu Adisapoetro as the remaining members. The news has saddened Elephant Kind’s fans everywhere, who have to go through another member departure. Back in 2015, John Paul Patton or also known as J.P. Patton also left the band since he wanted to focus more on his project with Kelompok Penerbang Roket. They didn’t replace J.P. Patton. and asked Kevin Septanto to be their additional bassist instead. This time, Elephant Kind stated that there will be a member that is added to the formation that is highly likely to be Kevin. 


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The trio format of Elephant Kind had stayed for more than three years before Dewa finally bid goodbye to this band. Previously, Dewa Pratama rarely made an appearance with the band since earlier this year. The musician who is also known as the keyboardist of the band uploaded several remixes on his social media but didn’t show any involvement with Elephant Kind. Upon seeing this, his departure is somehow understandable and predictable. Within the past two years, Elephant Kind’s members Bam Mastro and Bayu Adisapoetro have branched out as soloists. Bam Mastro successfully released two EPs, while Bayu Adisapoetro actively pursues a solo career under the moniker SoftAnimal. It was unclear whether Dewa Pratama is focusing on his solo work or simply leaves the band due to irreconcilable differences. Anything happened behind closed doors, we could only wish the best for both parties. Adios, Dewa Pratama. See you on your new adventure!