BAM MASTRO COLLABORATES WITH JP PATTON ON "HILANG" FROM “I’M AN ALBINO POLAR BEAR LIVING IN CAPTIVITY AND I KNOW ALIENS DON’T EXIST" EPBam Mastro Collaborates with JP Patton on “Hilang” from “I’m An Albino Polar Bear Living In Captivity and I Know Aliens Don’t Exist” EP

It takes an extremely long title of a sophomore EP for soloist who is also a part of Elephant Kind, Bam Mastro to rekindle his musical venture with former bandmate John Paul Patton. This becomes a highlight of his second EP titled “I’m An Albino Polar Bear Living In Captivity and I Know Aliens Don’t Exist” that has just been released. Prior to this release, Bam has launched his acclaimed debut EP “I Bleach My Skin” in 2017. Back in March, the musician who is also the sibling of electronic musician, Neonomora, has held a showcase with Elephant Kind’s drummer Bayu Adisapoetro who also goes solo as SoftAnimal. During the showcase, he debuted the first single from this second EP called “Inamorata” with an accompanying music video released few weeks ago.

He decided to name the album that way with consideration and reason. As stated on the press release, Bam explains, ” I find it difficult to belong somewhere. Wherever I am, I always feel like I’m different than everyone else. Not only what I feel, but also when I interact with other people anywhere. Often times, what I say always have different angle from others and often in contrary with most people.” He went on saying that the second EP is a tad different from the first one since it contains his worries but with positive and optimistic outlook. The result is somehow a more colorful and upbeat tunes that also presents on “Hilang”.

This track sees Bam Mastro worked together again with JP Patton who is now an active member of Kelompok Penerbang Roket. FYI, JP Patton used to be on Elephant Kind as a bassist before decided to depart and started his own band. On “Hilang”, he based the track on Black Brothers’ song which is used with legal consent from the team before he rearranged and asked JP Patton or also known as Coki on board. The song tells about the feeling of losing something or someone deeply, and it only makes sense to have JP Patton on board since he left the band that they started together. With this album, Bam wants to convey a message of encouragement for those who also feel like an alien. “Don’t be afraid to be different and don’t be so proud to be the same. Dare to be yourself with your own uniqueness and I feel happy because I am one of a kind.” The EP can be listened through various digital outlets.


  1. Inamorata
  2. Polar Bear
  3. In The Midst Of
  4. Hilang ft. John Paul Patton