SoftAnimal Elephant Kind Drummer Black & White SingleElephant Kind’s Drummer Revealed Second Solo Single “Black & White” as SoftAnimal

Elephant Kind is a band filled with talented people and there is no stopping them to create their own solo project in 2018. After Bam Mastro triumphed with his solo endeavor, Elephant Kind’s drummer, Bayu Adisapoetra followed suit with his own project called SoftAnimal. He has released his debut under the moniker a while ago with a song called “New Blood” and not so long afterward, here is another single called “Black & White”. Different from his project in Elephant Kind, this time Bayu tries to do an entirely different genre. If you listen to this new song, a fast paced beat kicks off from the start and reminds you of power pop song that was popular back in the days. Fuzzy guitar sound can also be found on this track and it blends well with the vocals from Bayu. Lafa Pratomo produced this song which was composed in 15 minutes.

The lyrics turn out to tell about Bayu’s personal experience which was written and sung in English. “There was a time when I felt enough of many things that I did, but it was meaningless. I’ve reached the point of upset, tired, and dissapointed at once and it gave me an unforgettable negative experience until I decided to stop. Forget it since there was no point of it for me personally and that was the best way for me. Time to realize, it’s over!,” explained Bayu. He released these two singles as a preparation towards his upcoming EP “Nanook” which will be out this year. He has also performed on a showcase at Shoemaker Studios at the end of March with his bandmate, Bam Mastro, and each brought their own solo project to the stage. SoftAnimal‘s new song “Black & White” can be listened on digital streaming services and also enjoy the lyrics video created by Meja Bundar Studio below.