Beeswax Pills SingleHave You Got The “Pills” Like Beeswax to Say Goodbye?

Being called emo used to be a humiliating term to refer to teenagers who lock themselves up in their rooms and be sad all day long. The determinant whether emo is just a phase or an everlasting feel is when you grow up, so we have decided that Beeswax is really emo. Being in their mid-20s, the band hailing from Malang continue to pour out their sadness through their works. The latest one is called “Pills” which has been released on Friday last week. Written and composed by Bagas Yudhiswa, the song used to be his personal material before he made it a new material for Beeswax. After releasing “Maze of Mind” from their third album “Saudade” at the end of last year, “Pills” sounds a tad different from their previous era. Still bearing twinkly guitar with multiple layers, the song sounds more full and grande. Our guess was proven correct because the mixing was done by Mahatamtama of Coldiac. This guy is great in bringing a fuller sounding ambiance through his mixing, as shown on Coldiac’s album. Beeswax Pills Single

For the meaning, “Pills” talks about a break-up experience via text. Imagine getting no chance to say goodbye, as your relationship ends via your gadget. Bagas said that Copeland and Beneath Medicine Tree became his latest influence to write a composition for “Pills”. It might not be as catchy as their older songs like “Start The Line, Break It All”, “The Loaded Ashtray”, or “Maze of Mind”, but “Pills” sounds more sentimental, especially if you listen to the song during rain. Bagas Yudhiswa, Putra Vibrananda, Yanuar Ade Laksono, and Raveizal Ario Sayoga will deliver more releases within this year. There is said to be a music video for this new single as well in the following weeks, so let’s stay tuned to the band’s future releases by following them on social media @beeswaxtheband. Enjoy this new single and celebrate heartbreak with Beeswax below.