Beeswax Maze of Mind VideoBeeswax Suffers Weird Sexual Fetish on “Maze of Mind” Video

Beeswax has never acted before, but now they are playing certain roles on the video of “Maze of Mind”. This song features the vocal from Steffani BPM as well. Taken from their latest album “Saudade” which was released on May 2018, the song becomes the third visualization of this album after “Fix” and “Refugee”. From the hands of director Prialangga, who previously worked on videos from Coldiac, Sal Priadi, and Christabel Annora, he visualized the song through his own interpretation. Daresay, that we never expect the song to be interpreted in a toxic relationship, violence, and weird fetish. The video opens up with Bagas Yudhiswa and Steffani BPM with their individual slow motion shots. They are portrayed as a couple who seems romantic at first. It only acts as a facade to what they actually hide behind. We can see a bunch of photos of people that seem to be their victims. We don’t wanna know more on what they do to their victims because it might be frightening to think about. It is later shown that tying them up on a rope, hurting, and kidnapping them are some of the acts this couple do. Towards the end of this video, you can see a huge reveal that one of them suffers this sexual fetish that surprises us.

Beeswax Maze of Mind Video
The cast of Maze of Mind Video

Using red and green lightings, the whole set-up induces a gloomy, mysterious atmosphere that befits the song. Almost all Beeswax’s members sans Raveizal Ario Sayoga appear in this video. Prialangga states on a press release that the whole scenario was inspired by his own personal experience this past year. “I’ve experienced lots of sadness, loss, and I think that ‘Maze of Mind’ is the perfect vehicle for me to pour out my thoughts and symbolization,” he said. Prialangga’s characteristic that always includes symbolism and metaphors clearly appear on this video. The video which was shot in one day cites the help from Titi Savitri as the wardrobe stylist, Madu Kinanti as the make-up artist and talent, Adi Fathul Ardy as the DoP, and a whole logistics, artistic, and lighting team. “Maze of Mind” will also have its own digital audio format which will be available during Christmas on December 25th, 2018. But first, let’s watch the music video from this emo band hailing from Malang here…