Beeswax Fix Music VideoThis New Music Video by Beeswax Might “Fix” Your Heartbreak

Love isn’t always as easy as the dream couple share on Instagram, right? That’s perhaps what Beeswax want to convey on their latest release of music video for “Fix”. Released earlier this morning, the video shows a couple living their love life from the beginning till the very end. It shows how an encounter and a seemingly smooth rendezvous don’t always end with a happy ending. Using the screenplay that were developed by Bagas Yudhiswa and Putra Vibrananda, “Fix” is the second music video for the emo band that hail from Malang. In 2016, a music video for “Start The Line, Break It All” from their second album was directed by Agedz and released on the band’s official Youtube channel. “It tells the story of a lover. It describes that a relationship that runs so smoothly will become disastrous someday. More or less, it’s like that,” explained Bagas about this new music video. The video took 4 days in the making in three separate weekends since the band only have time to gather during that time. It features Indira Larasati as the female lead and Gusti Agung as the male lead. They both act as a troubled lovers who love each other as much as they hurt each other.

If you follow this band since their debut era, you might recognize that “Fix” was included on their first album “First Step”. This time, “Fix” got re-arranged with thicker and various layers of instruments making the whole sound is thicker than the first one. The first time Beeswax came out, Bagas was the sole member, so after the full members joined on board on their second album, they decided to re-arrange “Fix”. The song will be included on the band’s third album which will be released this year via Fallyears Records. Without further ado, watch the music video of Beeswax with “Fix” below.