Beeswax Saudade AlbumBeeswax Unleash 3rd Album “Saudade” on Digital Format

They said crying can break your fasting right? But if it’s for a good reason like listening to Beeswax‘s latest album “Saudade”, then it’s okay. The emo quartet hailing from Malang finally reveal their latest album on digital stores last week. On their latest endeavor the band which is comprised of Bagas Yudhiswa (vocal, guitar), Raveizal Ario Sayoga (vocal, guitar), Putra Vibrananda (vocal, bass), and Yanuar Ade Laksono (drum), once again take love as their inspiration. Mostly, the album talks about an ending of a relationship or a longing towards someone who never return. It comes as no surprise as the title of this album “Saudade” is taken from a Portuguese term that translates into ‘a feeling of longing and loss’. “The feeling of longing is very complex and not only involve the feeling of losing someone, that is why the songs in ‘Saudade’ wrap all the emotion that belongs to a human who experiences that,” explained Bagas Yudhiswa.

Beeswax Saudade AlbumPrior to the release of this album on digital format, Beeswax have opened a pre-order for the physical format and merchandise that includes CD, T-shirt, umbrella and many more via Fallyears Records. This album is the result of two-year process, after they revealed their second album “Growing Up Late” in 2016. This time, Beeswax also venture out in collaborations by involving several musicians from Malang. Soloist Steffani BPM is featured on a track called “Maze of Mind”, while Closure’s guitarist who recently put out an EP, Sabiella Maris can be heard on a track titled “The Firewalk”. If you usually listen to Bagas or Raveizal’s voices on their tracks, Putra and Yanuar now take turn as vocalist on couple of songs. Containing 14 tracks in total, our favorites include “The Loaded Ashtray”, “Liquid and Needles” as well as “Maze of Mind”. In the meantime, you can still purchase their CD through their Instagram @beeswaxtheband and listen to this album on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal and many more.