Monita Tahalea Sesaat Abadi SingleMelancholic Futuristic Single “Sesaat Abadi” Becomes Monita Tahalea’s Latest Offer

As a closure to 2018 and a beginning of 2019, Monita Tahalea reveals a single called “Sesaat Abadi”. This song is a brand new venture from the singer after she released her highly acclaimed sophomore album “Dandelion”. Following Monita Tahela throughout her entire career, she first found her likings towards the pop-jazz genre when she became one of the finalist of a popular talent-search show on TV. Under the guidance of jazz maestro, Indra Lesmana, she released “Love, Dream & Faith”. On her second effort that she has done with Gerald Situmorang, she showed maturity within the genre and escaped the constraint of it by adding folk and acoustic element to it. “Dandelion” showcased Monita’s take on personal feelings and thoughts, with a slight influence of jazz. Her gratitude towards her fans were also found on “Dandelion”.

Monita Tahalea Sesaat Abadi SingleM”Sesaat Abadi” shows another exploration from the singer, and this time she listed the help of Indra Perkasa. Indra Perkasa wasn’t a stranger to Monita, as he is her bandmate in every live performance. Indra Perkasa’s fondness of experimenting is clearly shown on this single as you can hear electronic and ambient influences in it. Both musicians blend their own characteristics into this song that they claimed as ‘Folktronic’. The down-tempo song is still dominated by acoustic guitar. The electronic touch can be felt through the pulsating sounds heard on the background. Loops and synths are utilized with such balance that we were taken away by its tunes. Listening to Monita Tahalea’s latest single “Sesaat Abadi” relives the melancholy that emerged when we saw science fiction movies like “Her”. She stated that the single talks about time are seen from a romantic perspective. It talks about space or someone that one could not forget. Listen to “Sesaat Abadi” in its entirety on your favorite digital streaming services.