Monita Tahalea Hai Music VideoMonita Tahalea Spreads Happiness on The Music Video of “Hai”

Singer Monita Tahalea finally reveals the music video for her latest single “Hai” after a series of behind-the-scene teasing. The song which is taken from the album “Dandelion” has been previously shared as an audio single. Monita Tahalea decided to do a vlog-styled video for this music video, which is basically like a journal or diary in a form of video. She explored the city of Semarang, Central Java by taking a pedicab and walking around. She also handed out sunflowers to random people she met while walking around the city. Monita was not alone while shooting this video, as her fans who join #HaiTeman community also participated in guiding her throughout the city and directed the video. #HaiTeman is a movement led by the singer to begin spreading a random act of kindness starting by greeting strangers and random people they meet. Syifa Sauqy was appointed as the videographer and director of “Hai” music video and she is also a member of #HaiTeman.

Monita also further explains the meaning behind her action in the video, “Through this music video, I challenged myself to do one random act of kindness. I’ve always loved flowers, and sunflower is a symbol of greeting to others I do not know. Hope it brightens the day of the flower receivers. I want to be able to support the members of #HaiTeman to develop their talents, even though most of the time I am the one who is helped and inspired by their spirit.” The video turns out to be a very spontaneous plan, but it turns out real and honest. With hand-held camera, Monita captures the essence of positiveness that should start from the smallest thing like saying hi. “Hai” itself was written by Monita Tahalea with Gerald Situmorang, a guitarist from indie rock group, Barasuara who also often joins Monita while performing live. The philosophy behind this single lays on the singer’s concern about the current lifestyle when people are too engrossed on their gadgets without noticing their surroundings. Follow Monita Tahalea to stroll around Semarang and start saying hi and smile to people!