Monita Tahalea Breathe Single Lyrics Video
Pic: Shadtoto Prasetio
Gain Hope with Monita Tahalea’s Latest Single “Breathe”

Singer Monita Tahalea has released the final single from her much loved album “Dandelion”. It is no other than “Breathe” that was chosen to be released on 22 December 2017, in conjunction with Mother’s Day that fell on the same date. In the span of three years after the album was released, Monita Tahalea has produced several hits ncluding “Memulai Kembali”, “Hai”, “168” and many more. The single “Breathe” is released in a lyrics video format following previously released music videos for “Memulai Kembali” and “Hai”. As the final single, “Breathe” is also the last track on the album and the singer spilled that she put the song as the last one on purpose. She admitted that writing the lyrics for this song was the most difficult task in completing the album. “Breathe” is essentially a song about the deepest part of the singer, as she wrote about her fear and anxiety. Doubt, darkness, uncertainty and loud silence are poured into the lyrics of this song. By writing “Breathe”, Monita Tahalea decided to open up and conquer her weaknesses and fright. She wrote this song together with Gerald Situmorang, who also filled in the acoustic guitar department.

Unlike two previous videos that show Monita Tahalea as the lead, the lyrics video features an animation done by Luluq Baraqbah & WITJK. The beautiful video portrays a splendid scenery of nature, starting from the ocean, hills, and flowers in a vivid color combination. Monita shares this song as a form of encouragement towards the listeners. “When I start singing this song, I have decided to conquer my own fear and walk with eternal hope. I beat those little evil thoughts by the grace of God in my life and I choose to breathe once again as my own self, who I know. But as an individual who has been created beautifully by the hand of God, himself,” explains Monita through a press release. “The future is really there and your hopes won’t be lost,” closes Monita. Hopefully the melancholic but hopeful “Breathe” will soothe your mind from all the stressful thoughts and don’t forget to let go a long deep breath once in a while.