RL + Klav Lover Music VideoAnother Weird Sexual Fetish Video from RL + Klav for “Lover”

After Beeswax delivered a weird fetish in the form of necrophilia, we got another treat from RL + Klav with their video for “Lover”. Taken from their first EP titled Basic” which was out in February this year, the song is interpreted through a 5-minute short movie that was directed by Yusgunawan Marto. Collaborating with NYRA Studio, the duo offer a cinematic experience that describes ‘love’ in an odd way. The video tells the story of a masked guy (that looks like Roy Kiyoshi) who lusts for a woman by looking over her lingerie. This unusual fetish encouraged him to approach the woman in a terrifying way. We have lost count on how many scenes showing this weird guy rubbing his pants. Ew. Meanwhile, the woman that becomes the center of the story casually watched a movie that stars RL + Klav in it alone at her house, without realizing the danger that was about to come. RL + Klav were both dressed in 50’s attire while singing to “Lover” and playing several instruments. The soulful vibe of the song and the duo’s ever-smiling gestures in the video somehow adds more eerieness to the video. When we think we could enjoy the song, the plot of the video thickened and became weirder as time went by.

RL + Klav Lover Music VideoThe sensual approach of the song gets interpreted in such a different way than we initially thought. The story was inspired by a horror movie in which a serial killer experienced a sexual overdrive that encouraged him to do whatever he did on the video (including rubbing his crotch several times). While making us uneasy, the video bears a deeper meaning than what it appears on the outside. Through a press release, RL + Klav explained that everyone needs to love and to be loved, but sometimes the form of love might be different from one another. Supported by SAE Institute, Kenobi Space, and Peqho Production, the video contains magnificent audio quality which requires superb cinematography or angles. While we get why the video quality is seemingly low to mimic trashy horror movies, we wish it could capture more beautiful angles accompanied by more proper lighting. The tone of thriller movie like “The Killing of A Sacred Deer” might be noted for future reference. Anyhow, enjoy the video of “Lover” in its entirety below and stream “Basic” on your favorite digital streaming service.