RL+ Klav Basic EPLovely Debut from RL + KLAV on “Basic” Album

Finding a good sounding R&B/soul tinged electronic album is rare in our country and we could thank God for sending RL + Klav our way. They have previously often worked together individually before making an official project as RL + Klav. The duo made up of Klav and RL a.k.a Rizkia Larasati have debuted with an EP called “Basic” which was out on February 14th. They picked this day as the release date with a consideration that their record talks mostly about love. Within more or less one year and a half in the making, this “Basic” EP is said to represent the unique sound of them both. Why they named it “Basic” if their tunes are anything but basic? It turns out that love is the most basic thing you could find in a song, and we could not agree more. They said that love is the most magical thing ingredient to touch a soul and how it becomes a beautiful experience when turned into music. Containing 5 tracks in total, RL + Klav explore many facets of R&B or electronic soul as we call it. Their sound reminds us a lot with FKJ or HONNE with a little bit of Jorja Smith, The Internet, or AlunaGeorge thrown in between.

They work closely together to create these songs with the help of their closest friends as well. Klav acts as the multi-instrumentalist who brought the music arrangement on their tracks together. We love how RL’s voice complements well the delicate melodies and beats that Klav created. They add saxophone to add a sensual flair on some of the tracks, while also adding soulful guitar by Ratrikala on their fifth track to make it more perfect. They also aren’t shy in adding vocal or sound samples on their tracks, that make them more intricate. The whole ambience screams love that we ache for someone to hold and touch at this very moment we listen to the record. The album was mostly recorded at SAE Institute with KLAV worked as the mixing engineer and Rifqy Alfatih acted as the mastering engineer. “Basic” EP is now available to be streamed on digital music services like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud and many more.

“Basic” Tracklist

1. Ambition, Creation
2. Genuine Hand
3. Lover
4. You Make Me Feel Like
5. Been A While