70sOC Angelic Wing Machine Music VideoFunk N’ Rollin with 70sOC Second Single “Angelic Wing Machine”

After revealing their brand new album “Electric Love” last year, Bandung’s funk rock unit, 70sOC finally unveiled their second single with a music video called “Angelic Wing Machine”. The single itself often picked as the first song to open their setlist, since it has an upbeat and energetic rhythm. While we agree with that, the miss-matching lyrics on the chorus lacks the anthemic potential this single should have possessed. “Angelic Wing Machine” sees Anto Arief utilizes spoken words and old-school rap-singing style before continuing to the chorus. While the listeners might be not too familiar with this style, the instruments make up for it. The single gets pretty intense with the help of brass section, percussion, and impeccable guitar solo in the middle of it. While “Yellow Mellow” is still our most favorite track on the album, “Angelic Wing Machine” could be an alternative for your go-to-workout song. Dissecting further into the meaning, actually, this song speaks a lot about media and how people digest either bad and good news. It is a satire to stay positive amidst various damaging news that is spread to the public.

The music video reminds us a lot with the opening scene of an old detective movie. Anto Arief was in charge of directing the visual piece where he got the idea to use a vintage cop’s vehicle. A toy car was used as the main model, where it travels across town and went as far as riding the Ferris wheel. It is said that it coincides with the usage of an upbeat funk theme song on those old detective movies, so the concept matches it well. Anto Arief (guitar/vocal), Gantira Sena (drums), and Fabian Gifarian (bass) promoted this album by appearing in some high profile events like Java Jazz 2018, Hodgepodge Superfest 2018, and Synchronize Fest 2018 within this year. They promise to bring out more surprises in the future, so stay tuned and enjoy the music video for “Angelic Wing Machine” here. Their album “Electric Love” is already out via Demajors Records as well.