Wake Up Iris! "A U R E O L E" AlbumWake Up Iris! Attend SXSW and Revealed Lyrics Video for “Nefelibata”

JAKARTA (11/9) – Through a press conference held at Double Deer Records headquarter in Jakarta, Wake Up Iris! along with Semiotika, Kimokal and visual artists Yahya Dwi Kurniawan and Gilang Anom revealed their excitement of participating on SXSW 2018. They were chosen to participate in the annual music showcase and conference through their participation on GoAheadChallenge 2017. From March 9th until 18th 2018, SXSW will be held and showcased music from various countries. As the representative from Indonesia there will be Rich Brian, Kimokal with GoAheadChallenge 2017 winners, and Efek Rumah Kaca. For two weeks, they will not only perform but also learn more about music industry, marketing, branding and such. In conjunction with their departure to Austin, Texas, Wake Up Iris! also revealed their latest single “Nefelibata”. Taken from their first full lenght album “A U R E O L E”, the track is the second number you will find on the album. It also got a lyrics video which was released on 10 March 2018 through the band’s Youtube channel.

Wake Up Iris! Nefelibata Lyrics VideoThey worked with Malang’s own artist and videographer, Bejo Sandy and Varian Tyan to create a lyrics video for this uplifting track. “Nefelibata means cloud walker in Portuguese. People who are often perceived as weird, different from its flock. Sometimes when we’re not uniformed with the common people, these cloud walkers are alienated and gossiped about. With this song, we want to ask the listeners to be confident with themselves because only we know what’s the best for ourselves,” explained Vania Marisca, a half of Wake Up Iris!. Theatrical actor Bejo Sandy who is active on theater group Celoteh becomes the star of “Nefelibata” lyrics video. You could see his passionate acting and movement that translates the meaning and spirit of the song well. “We collaborated with Bejo because we often meet with him during our days in Malang and we see Bejo as a person who has what it takes to deliver our message. It’s been a while that we want to create this collaboration, thankfully we could make it happen now,” added Bie Paksi. The video was shot in black and white tone and exudes a mysterious yet calming feeling for those who watch. “A U R E O L E” is also available on digital and physical formats which you can grab on digital platforms or your favorite records stores. Good luck for your journey on SXSW and bring home lots of experiences and knowledge!