Christabel Annora Lucid Dream Music VideoChristabel Annora Pulls You in Dreamscape with “Lucid Dream” Music Video

Soloist hailing from Malang, Christabel Annora has just released her newest visualization for single “Lucid Dream”. Being away from her home land does not make Christabel Annora ditch her musical career here. Her full-length debut album “Talking Days” has managed to put out great singles, including this fourth one. Featuring guitar instrument from Bambang Iswanto from The Morning After, the song takes a mild turn with the piano play from Christabel Annora. With the smooth vocals from the singer, “Lucid Dream” lives up to its title by bringing the listener to a dream-like state. The experience of listening to this beautiful song gets more enhanced with the music video directed by Prialangga. We could see various scenes taken in the great nature as well as shots portrayed by some characters at an indoor area. As stated on the press release, these two different backgrounds signifies the wide and narrow scope of dreams. The director shot the scenes in three different locations which are Malang, Semarang and Yogyakarta. It took two weeks in total, to finish the shooting process before it is finally released today.

The release date for this single was picked on purpose, so it takes a year apart from the previous video of “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala” which was released at the same day last year. As the meaning of the song, Christabel explains, “Basically ‘Lucid Dream’ is a goodbye song. The concept of lucid dreaming is when we realize that we’re dreaming, but in this song, I refuse to wake up because what I saw on my dream is more beautiful than the reality.” The video encapsulates the interpretation of the song from the director’s point of view. “I try to tell about the hesitance of facing the reality. The characters that I created have to tame their greatest fear in real life,” Prialangga adds, “The use of monochromatic tones represent the border between a dream and reality.” This is the second music video for her and the fourth single after “If These Walls Could Talk”, “Sunshine Talks” and “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala”. Watch the music video with the greater-than-life scenes below.