Murphy Radio Sports Between Trenches Single Music VideoMurphy Radio Release Energizing “Sports Between Trenches” Music Video

Samarinda’s math-rock band Murphy Radio has released a new visual for their single “Sports Between Trenches” over the weekend. This is their newly found effort after releasing their much appreciated EP “Naftalena” in August last year. The single will become their first step towards a full album which is planned to be released in 2018. Through Octopus Films Youtube channel, the full video was directed by Gazaini Laughter. The video showcases a physical interpretation of the song which is full of twinkling guitar and upbeat melodies. From the first note, we are already captured by the perfect sync of their instrumental play and by watching the video, we got more pumped up. Wendra (guitar), Aldi Yamin (bass), and Akbartus Ponganan (drum) have performed this song live several times and we’re glad to hear the official and proper version of it. The music video was released in conjunction with the single to represent a new strategy from Murphy Radio in spreading their music. They also feel the need to have a visual archive of their work, so this visual becomes their first ever music video.

The concept for the video was done from both the band and Gaza. It took a basketball court as the background set and sees a girl wearing her sporty outfit and does some routine. The members of the band also appear in this video as some minor characters on the background mimicking an imaginary people from the girl. What’s the meaning of it then? The director chimed in to give his explanation. “The core of the video feels very special for those who are about to exercise but do not have friends. As explained by their music, they become an imaginary friend to the listener, because they are musicians, the best way to communicate with the listeners is by the music itself. I believe if they watch it, they’ll be imagining or creating their own story line. It’ll be cool if my video will have lots of stories and perspectives from the audience,” said Gaza. So it you want to exercise by yourself, plug you earphones in and listen to Murphy Radio’s “Sports Between Trenches” here.