Christabel Annora Away Sh(w)e Go ConcertReport: Away Sh(w)e Go, A Celebration for Christabel Annora Before Departing to London

Soloist and pianist from Malang, Christabel Annora decided to pursue her education in the land of Queen Elizabeth. As the news broke, many of her beloved friends and fans were worried for not being able to see her live performance for a year. Prior to her departure to Edinburgh, Malang Sub Pop held a (not so) surprise gig called “Away Sh(w)e Go” at Semeru Art Gallery on 30 August 2017. It was the idea from her manager, Titi Savitri and Malang Sub Pop’s founder Donny who are also bestfriends to the songstress who is friendly referred as Ista. What was meant to be a secret gig turned out not so surprising, since Titi could not lie to her best friend. The gig was dedicated to cherish the last few moments they had with her by bringing her songs from “Talking Days” album as well as covers. Leaving her hometown means putting her music career on hold, but it does not mean that there is no future plan for Christabel Annora. Besides finishing her studies, she will prepare for her next single while she is in the land of the kings and queens. It is planned to be released some time next year.

Christabel Annora Away Sh(w)e Go ConcertAt the end of the year, there will be another music video for a single from her debut album. Beforehand, we already got the visual for single “Rindu Itu Keras Kepala”. The gig went well and warm with her closest friends and frequent collaborators like Steffani BPM, Bambang from The Morning After and Oneding appeared to perform with her. The title of the gig was taken from Ista’s favorite film “Away We Go” with a little twist to match the theme of the concert. Bracing the cold weather, Ista wore a sleeveless black dress and graced us with tunes accompanied by her excellent play on keyboard and soothing voice. One year feels so long already, but we will gladly welcome her once she returns. May UK treat you well!

Reporter & pic: Hanif Ardhika/Editor: Novita Widia