The Battleship Island ReviewReview: The Battleship Island Successfully Raises Patriotism Feel Among The Viewers

Just like almost all Eastern nation, Korean land has experienced invasion and occupation by other countries which led them to fight for their independence. Such historical and heroic drama is captured on a movie called “The Battleship Island”. Directed by Ryoo Seung Won, the film tells about a battle during a war that broke out in Hashima Island. The island was an isolation camp which is filled with coal mine that belonged to Japan. While Japan invaded Korea, this island became a sanctuary for their army to enforce slavery and prostitution among Korean people. Korean citizens were forced to do hard labor while being underpaid and even tortured. The lead casts (led by So Ji Sub) entered the island from various backgrounds, only to find their lives to be ruled by such cruelty. Seeing their devastating fate, Korean independent movement sent a special agent named Park Moo-young (Song Joong Ki) to set free one important figure on the island and he was tasked to rescue him safely out of the sorrowful place.

The Battleship Island ReviewThe location for the film was set in an artificial island with 8 months estimated time for the building process. We have to give props for the setting, make up, wardrobe in this film. They were truly well done and managed to portray the time of war perfectly. As a plus, we watched the screening at Screen X CGV Indonesia. The studio is equipped with one LED screen and two projectors that will let your 180 degree view indulged in a special cinema experience. The film which has been screened on international film festival including Cannes Film Festival generated a pretty good response among viewers. It is officially screened starting from today, 16 August 2017, all across CGV cinema in Indonesia. The patriotic film was released just in time to celebrate South Korea independence day that falls at 15 August. Maybe we could also learn a thing or two about nationalism, patriotism and the spirit of war by watching “The Battleship Island” on cinema.

Reviewer: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia