your head as my favorite bookstore eleventwelfth Music Video“your head as my favorite bookstore” Music Video by eleventwelfth Makes Us Think of Things We Do Not Want to Think

A particular person, a particular place, a particular feeling and particular embrace, those are the things that our memories hold on to when they are all gone. eleventwelfth capture all the essence in their latest music video for “your head as my favorite bookstore”. The song which features Asteriska from Barasuara is taken from their self-titled EP. The music video which was directed by Rama Florenza depicts a bittersweet story of a couple. Taking the perspective from a guy with his lover, the audience are taken to a journey of their date. Starting from picking up his girlfriend, going to a walk, visiting a café, going to the mall and doing other activities like a normal couple do. The band once again emphasize on their signature visual by having a black and white cinematography, just like their previous music video for “later on”. The plot is very subliminal, but towards the end, we are in for a sad and bitter ending. If we were you guys, we won’t hesitate to watch the video ourselves.

In a recent interview, this song has been picked as a favorite among the members of eleventwelfth from the album. They also reveal that Asteriska’s participation in this single was like a dream comes true. Furthermore, the band comprised of Rona, Almas, and have just held their album launching party in 7 April 2017 at Borneo Beerhouse. In that opportunity, they also took Secret Meadow, Nort, and Jangar from Bali to perform as the opening acts. There is also a good news coming from their camp as their record label, Six Thirty Recordings, have announced that their debut EP is back in stock. The physical CD of the EP have run out for quite some time after its release and people keep looking for it. So, if you want to purchase their CDs whether retail or wholesale, head to Six Thirty Recordings’ Facebook page. But first, watch the music video for “your head as my favorite bookstore” and do not hold back your tears.