NW Live 2022
Matter Mos

Noisewhore Live Returns with 2-Day Music Festival – NW LIVE 2022!

Goodnight Electric, Mocca, Tuantigabelas, Westwew and Joe Million to Headline the Shows

[JAKARTA] 2022 is geared up to be the most exciting year for music fans everywhere, and Noisewhore is the latest collective to snatch up the opportunity to please music enthusiasts with their 2-day Noisewhore (NW) Live music festival. Held at Kandank Jurank Compound on June 25th – 26th this year, it marks the comeback of the long awaited music gigs. The collective was previously known to hold festive gigs for local, national, and international acts such as Japanese Breakfast, Peach Pit, Mitski, Snail Mail, and many more. This year’s NW Live features performances from 19 musicians divided into two stages. There’s no stopping the euphoria, as communal activities are also prepared to keep the visitors busy. Goodnight Electric, Mocca, Tuantigabelas & Westwew as well as Joe Million are set to headline the festival.

For you who’s wondering the curation process behind the selection, Noisewhore stated that it was based on the genre variety. Besides, Noisewhore who introduced an independent digital platform distribution service called The Store Front said that the top selling artists were considered to be invited to the festival. Mocca, Goodnight Electric, Joe Million dan Matter Mos are among the  Top 10 Best Selling Artists of All time on the aforementioned platform. Other musicians such as Dongker, Bedchamber, Glyph Talk, and many more names are already announced (see the complete list on the poster below).

Becoming their first ever music festival held at an outdoor space, NW Live 2022 aims to be a festival for all ages and all classes. There is an art exhibition by Studioland, communal crafting by the experts and shopping experience presented by The Store Front will accompany you through out the celebration. “We’d like NW Live 2022 to be the standard for music event, where everyone can come and enjoy the music without any intimidation or age limitation. The safe space issue for women in music event has become a concern as well for us. These things should matter m0re to the organizer, especially in 2022 when concert can run again. Many lessons have been learned during the past two years when we couldn’t hold any gig. So, we wish NW Live 2022 could become a pioneer for many more gigs to come,” said Aliyya Asra as one of the committee in NW Live 2022.  The tickets for NW Live 2022 are on sale via The Store Front. Sadly, the presale tickets that cost IDR150,000 have been sold out. No worries, as the normal ticket for each day, as well as the 2-day bundle tickets are ready for you to grab starting from IDR200,000 up to IDR360,000. More information regarding the festival can be accessed on Noisewhore’s Instagram account.



Editor: Novita Widia/Documentation: Noisewhore