Noisewhore Live Presents Sunset Rollercoaster and Peach PitNoisewhore Live Presents Sunset Rollercoaster and Peach Pit

Another music collectives should catch up to Noisewhore‘s level of productivity this time around. Within three first months of 2018, the collective based in Jakarta have planned three gigs starting from Homeshake‘s show in Jakarta today. Labeled as Noisewhore Live, the series will be held for the fourth times in the past three years. The event will be held on two consecutive weekends which fall on 25 February 2018 and 4 March 2018. Taking place at their favorite venue, Rossi Musik Fatmawati, Jakarta there will be 8 bands in total. First up, the first weekend of Noisewhore Live will be headlined by Sunset Rollercoaster. The Taiwanese act has been known to craft their music around city pop and jazz genre. Comprising of seven members, Sunset Rollercoaster have released one full lenght album and one extended playlist. Through their Bandcamp page, one of their song “My Jinji” has gone viral on various digital platforms. It resulted with the act becoming the hot topic across Asia. To accompany this act, there are other two bands which are Sobs, a Singaporean punk outfit and Subsonic Eye, a dream pop unit from Singapore as well. There will also be performances from Yuck, the fin., Splassh, and lastly a live set from Whoosah, a rising producer from Jakarta.

Noisewhore Live Presents Sunset Rollercoaster and Peach Pit
Sunset Rollercoaster
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The second weekend will be merrier as Canadian indie pop band consists of Neil Smith, Christopher Vanderkooy, Peter Wilton, and Mikey Pascuzzi, Peach Pit, are set to take the stage at Rossi. The band gained recognition from European and American audience for their laid back and hazy melodies combined with goofy antics that is uniquely Peach Pit. Bedchamber who has just released their single “Out of Line” will accompany this band and by then, this act will have released their newest album in February. The two acts will showcase their music alongside Sugarstring and Wils, two bands hailing from the capital city. So far, this line-up alone could send hipsters everywhere into infinite orgasm. But hey, thank Noisewhore for that. You could buy the ticket for Noisewhore Live starting from 17 January with two categories available. You can buy the daily pass ticket for IDR235,000 or two day pass for IDR385,000 here. Hooray for indie music and yay for far cheaper ticket than Celine Dion’s tickets!

Noisewhore Live Presents Sunset Rollercoaster and Peach Pit
Peach Pit
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