Naldooo Despair, Disappointment Single Review
Naldooo Introduces Emorap with Single “despair,disappointment”

Emo community in the archipelago has been well fed with various emerging acts in the past years. The birth of emo acts like eleventwelfth, Murphy Radio (can also be categorized as math-rock), Beeswax, or even Settle bring their own colors to the emo genre. This time, another act named naldooo is ready to break the boundaries of emo by introducing a fusion genre called emorap. Hailing from South Jakarta, naldooo whose real name is Alym Naldo Rendison has been readying a new single called “despair,disappointment” as his debut in the music industry. As sad as the title suggests, the song contains various personal subjects like a broken heart, disappointment, and loss wrapped in hip-hop beats and written in rap lyrics. Slated to be published on July 5th, we got a chance to hear the music of naldooo with triple O firsthand. It’s definitely included in the new wave of rap as it features a great influence of trap music in the background. As the rap goes, naldooo’s style is comparable to the likes of Swae Lee, Lil Uzi Vert, or K-pop idol rapper with high pitched voice. Naldooo Despair, Disappointment Single Review

In our humble opinion, “despair, disappointment.” only takes emo as the theme as we cannot hear any influence of emo music in it. Even the ’emo’ part of the fusion genre is merely a gimmick, the track is pretty enjoyable, to say the least. Maybe the only emo thing we could get is naldooo’s voice which sounds emo-ish. Imagine someday eleventwelfth or Pee Wee Gaskins’ vocalist decided to make a rap album, this might be the closest it might sound. Idolizing acts such as Killing Me Inside and PWG, the genre he chooses is pretty different from what the aforementioned musicians but that what makes music so damn exciting to follow. You can take a listen to ’emorap’ through “despair, disappointment.” starting from July 5th, 2019 on various digital streaming services that will be released under a record label named Better Toothache Than Heartbreak. Follow his social media for more latest updates on Instagram and Facebook.