Jerry Paper Live Performance in JakartaJerry Paper Presented An Intimate Set for First Performance in Indonesia

JAKARTA – Ascending upon Rossi Musik Fatmawati that night, we expected a show that was unlike what we saw. Noisewhore in collaboration with Stones Throw Records held a live show for an indie musician named Jerry Paper. The musician whose real name is Lucas Nathan is known as a songwriter and electronic music producer from the United States. His coming to Jakarta is a part of Asia Tour where he kicked it off with a concert in Tokyo earlier this June. His name might be unheard of for general music enthusiasts, but those who have kept an eye on indie music must hear a thing or two about him. Those people gathered at Rossi Musik that night to witness his first ever performance in Indonesia. Beforehand, a band hailing from Jakarta named Kinder Bloomen warmed up the night with their brief set. Performing 5 songs in total, the band closed out their set by performing a song titled “Middle East”. Afterward, more people came forward near the stage to watch Jerry Paper’s performance.

Jerry Paper Live Performance in Jakarta
Kinder Bloomen

The man entered the stage with an attire that looks so comfortable that you might think he went in for a sleepover, instead of a gig. His clothes which you might think looked like sleepwear was paired with red socks. The musician opted for no shoes or sandals for his performance but it didn’t make his performance any less interesting. He opened his set by performing a new song called “Baby” taken from his latest album “Like A Baby”. Several songs being sung, he uttered his joy of being able to perform in Jakarta. Jerry said that he was so happy here and the food suited his tastebuds. Every time he finished a song or two, he never forgot to say “terima kasih” over and over again, adding more warmth and intimacy to his persona. Closed out with a song titled “Fuzzy Logic”, Jerry Paper’s live performance in Jakarta ended at approximately 10 o’clock. Seeing him live was like seeing our longtime friend performing for us in their most comfortable attire. No gap between the audience and the performers and his humbleness made his music very approachable. Jerry Paper’s tour in Asia has finished with a performance in Bangkok on June 21st. Can’t wait to see another live indie artist brought to Jakarta by Noisewhore.

Jerry Paper Live Performance in Jakarta
Jerry Paper

Reporter & Photo: Narisha Zulkarnain/Editor: Novita Widia