We The Fest 2019 Beyond The MusicBeyond The Music: What To Do on WTF 2019 Besides Concert!

JAKARTA (2/5) – It is pretty obvious that the main attraction of a music festival lays on its musical aspect. However, we beg to differ. Going to a festival solely for watching the concert can be pretty boring, especially if you have to wait in between performances for too long. Fortunately, Ismaya LIVE – the organizer behind We The Fest 2019 has some tricks up on their sleeves as they introduce a program during WTF called “Beyond The Music”. A press conference held earlier this afternoon welcomes Ismaya LIVE’s Brand Manager, Sarah Deshita, alongside some performers like RAN, Baskara from .Feast, Ari from Fourtwnty, and Dekat who shared their insights towards the upcoming music festival held this July. So, what’s all the fuss about “Beyond The Music”? Basically, We The Fest 2019 want you to absorb the overall festival experience besides its main attraction. “Just like its name, we want We The Fest to become the festival for us,” said Sarah Deshita. Are you ready to don your best flower crown and cool attire? Let’s get to know the sub-programs from “Beyond The Music” on the list below…

  1. Art Village

This area belongs to those who love art and crafts. The last edition of We The Fest held last year, we got to see several interactive booths in this area including a workshop to make your own earrings, necklace, and other accessories. You can also interact with various artist from multi-disciplinary fields like mural artist, visual artist, and many more. This subprogram also enables you to enhance your art knowledge and skill as they offer various art classes available in limited numbers. Works from renown Indonesia’s current contemporary artist can also be seen in this area. Simply put, you cannot miss this spot if you live and breathe in art.

2. WTF Cinema Club

Who said that watching movies can only be done at your home or a cinema? At We The Fest 2019, there is an area dedicated for movie lovers called WTF Cinema Club in which they screen various curated short movies. The silent cinema also gives you a perfect opportunity to take a break in between the buzz surrounding the festival area. There you could relax, rest your tired bones from standing up all day, and watch movies in an indoor area. Of course with the cool breeze from the air conditioner. Such a perfect getaway from Jakarta’s scorching heat.

3. WTF Con

Ever wonder why there are myriad booths in this area? Because WTF 2019 has an awesome list of partners with their own interactive booths which offer various experiences for the attendees. Be it a simple photo spot, a 360-degree photo booth, a customized post-card, merchandise stall, or DIY booth, WTF Con can be an alternative for your go-to activity at the festival. Psst, sometimes there is also a great karaoke session with renown MC and musician held in this area, so stay tuned!

4. Eats and Beats

This is possibly an area beside the stages that almost all attendees go to because we love to eat! Several F&B tenants from Ismaya Lifestyle has cooked up some amazing menu that you can eat on the spot. Sometimes, they even customize the food so you can carry it while you’re watching the music performance, so you won’t have to miss a thing. Hate to queue just to get mineral water or a quick bite? Worry not, Eats and Beats generously makes it accessible for us to purchase small bites and beverages since the waiters roam the festival area to meet the demand from hungry festivalgoers in need for a quick recharge.

5. Carnifun

No, no, no, this is not a carnivore area it is Carnifun a.k.a Carnival Fun! This area is dedicated to those who love quiz, games, and interactive activity. You can get various rewards starting from cute merchandise and many other things. Plus you can challenge your friends to prove who has the better ability among you in Carnifun. Be competitive and remember to always have fun at Carnifun!

6. Submit Your Music

This sub-program is held prior to the main festival as it is a platform for underground musicians to prove their capability in such a prestigious affair. Some previous performers who made their way to the big league through this platform are Pijar, The Panturas, Garhana, and many more. If you have a talent in music, why don’t you give this platform a shot? You might be lucky to be chosen as the top 10 finalists or even make it as far as performing at the main event alongside spectacular musicians!

7. #WTF19Poster

We The Fest 2019

Sobat misqueen can relate to the fact that we have not enough money to attend We The Fest 2019, so there is another way to make it there. #WTF19Poster is a competition for visual artists out there to put their own twist of We The Fest 2019’s poster. Creativity, originality, and luck are needed in this competition, so if you have at least two of those criteria, submit your own artwork on #WTF19Poster. The terms and conditions for the work that you submit are as the following:

  • The poster must be 40 cm x 50 cm in size and has a resolution of 200 dpi
  • We The Fest 2019 and Ismaya Live’s official logos must be inserted on the design
  • The wording must contain venue and date of the festival, at least 5 performers on WTF 2019, and the official tagline “a summer festival of music, arts, fashion and food”.
  • The logos can be downloaded on this link http://bit.ly/wtf19poster
  • You must upload your final work on Instagram and tag @we.the.fest and include #WTF2019 on your caption before 4 June 2019 at 23.59 Western Indonesia Time.
  • One person can only submit one artwork
  • The top 3 winners will get free WTF Tickets, H&M Vouchers, and a chance for their works to be displayed on the festival area.

So, have you decided what to do while your favorite musician is not on stage on We The Fest 2019? “Beyond The Music” has it all and it is a shame if you don’t experience it because you are missing out on all the fun. The tickets for We The Fest 2019 is still available for some categories that you can see on their official website. Check out for the latest update of the festival on their social media platforms as they haven’t announced their 3rd phase line-up yet. See the first and latest line-up announcement here!

Press Conference Documentation: Emirul Fahmi/Poster & Concert Photo Documentation: We The Fest/Editor: Novita Widia