Europe on Screen 2019 Press ConferenceEurope On Screen 2019 Will Visit 8 Cities with 101 Films!

JAKARTA (2/4) – After a series of pre-screening prior to the main event, finally Europe on Screen held by European Union in Indonesia will be held starting from 18 – 30 April 2019. The 19th edition of the annual film festival marks a bigger reach in terms of its cities and the number of films. During a press conference held yesterday, the Ambassador of Europe Union for Indonesia, HE Vincent Guèrend stated that last year Europe on Screen generated a whopping 24,000 attendees during its celebration. Becoming one of the most visited and anticipated movie festivals in the archipelago, Europe on Screen fulfills the demand from its fans by holding 277 screenings for 101 films from 27 Europe countries. “This festival also nourish the relationship between European dan Indonesian creative industry as a developing economic sector. For example, we invite several filmmakers from Europe to work together with Indonesia young filmmakers for this year’s Europe on Screen,” as Mr. Guérend added to his statement.

Per usual, Europe on Screen always introduces a certain sub-theme prior to the festival and putting a huge concern on the environmental conservation, the hashtag #OurLand is used as its official sub-segment. As a part of ‘Reality’ segment, this sub-theme of #OurLand will show six long films and four short documentaries which put the environment as their main subjects. As German school of art and design called Bauhaus has reached its 100th anniversary this year, Europe on Screen also shed a light on architecture and design by screening “Bauhaus Spirit”, a documentary film which is specially made to celebrate a century of influence the school has brought on the design world. There is also a planned exhibition of installation held at Goethe Haus starting from 19 April 2019. Europe on Screen 2019 Press Conference

Last year’s winners of  EOS Short Film Pitching Project will have the chance to premier their short films as they have received a partial fund from the festival to make their films come true. There are “Lasagna” by director Adi Victory and “Bangkis” by director Seren Trihardja that were chosen among 100 submissions that the committee received last year. SFPP will return this year and there are already 110 scripts collected and ready to be curated to 9 finalists. From these bunch, three best projects will receive partial funds from EoS to produce their films. Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Denpasar, Yogyakarta dan Surabaya won’t be the only cities EoS will reach out to this year as Bekasi and Tangerang are also included for EoS’ festivities. In Jakarta, the screenings and programs of EoS will be held at various cultural centers such as Erasmus Huis, Goethe-Institut, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Institut Français Indonésie and Komunitas Salihara as well as Kineforum, KeKini, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara dan Universitas Bina Nusantara (Binus).

Europe on Screen 2019 will be opened with the screening of “The Guilty”, a Denmark thriller film directed by Gustav Möller. It will be closed out by the screening of Austrian comedy film called “What Have We Done To Deserve This?”. For 13 days straight, you’ll be able to enjoy various quality movies with engaging Film Talks with European filmmakers for free. Head to EoS’ official website to know more about this year’s agenda and programs. See you there!

P.S.: There is also a surprise screening with a movie title that hasn’t been announced yet!Europe on Screen 2019 Press Conference

Reporter: Emirul Fahmi/Editor: Novita Widia