Endah N Rhesa For A Minute Music VideoEndah N Rhesa Light Up Hopes with “For A Minute” Music Video

Endah N Rhesa revealed their new single on December called “For A Minute”. The contemplative single becomes their latest effort after previously releasing album “Seluas Harapan” in 2015. Within three years, the band is still active by releasing singles and soundtracks. However, the release of “Menua Bersama”, “For A Minute”, and “We” signify that their upcoming album is about to come. In January, the duo published the official music video that bears the same message as the song. Endah who holds a lighter, then put it on among a dark place. The concept of this music video was created by Endah Widiastuti, Rhesa Adityarama, and Nala Satmowi. Instead of hiring a famous director or scriptwriter, the video was purely made on their own. It was shot on the second floor of their creative space slash coffee shop called EARHouse located in Pamulang, South of Tangerang. Written on their press release, the philosophy used on this video and single is you can always find light in the darkness.

Endah N Rhesa For A Minute Single
Cr: Facebook Endah N Rhesa

Telling the story of someone who currently suffers his or her lowest point in life. The song encourages you to sit back for a while, and think about the solution to your problem and try to fight back. “Darkness has always been a symbol of gloom, depressiveness, fear, and threat. However, it can also help you to contemplate and focus on yourself in the midst of magical silence,” said Endah N Rhesa. “For A Minute” sees a different musical approach by this pop-folk duo. A light electric guitar replaced the usual acoustic guitar sound that dominates Endah N Rhesa’s discography. This song will also be included on the duo’s upcoming fifth album that is scheduled to be released in early 2019 via Reiproject. Hopefully, this video could lift up your spirit if you are suffering from disappointment, depression, anxiety, and any other thing that might let you down. Cheer up!