Endah N Rhesa For A Minute Single
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Endah N Rhesa Reveal A Contemplative Single “For A Minute”

While listening to others might be important, listening to thyself also marks a level of maturity and wholesomeness as said on Endah N Rhesa‘s new song “For A Minute”. The two-minutes-forty-one-second song has just been released a few days ago and touched an entirely different topic than this folk duo used to do. “For A Minute” talks about an encouragement to the listeners to take a little while to just simply think and listen to ourselves. What we are going to do now and next, must be thought coherently and carefully. In times like this, oftentimes, people will rush into the next thing without thinking. The great peer and social pressure have led us to think that the faster the better, without realizing that the consequence might not be worth it. Anxiety, questions, complex thoughts are supposed to be given rooms for thinking. “For A Minute” might accompany you to take a deep breath and sit while letting those aforementioned thoughts stream through your brains.

Endah N Rhesa For A Minute SingleThe song which was written and produced by Endah N Rhesa also gives a different musical element. A light electric guitar replaced the usual acoustic guitar sound that dominates Endah N Rhesa’s discography. Sung in English, the song also got its own lyrics video that you can sing along to. Moreover, Endah N Rhesa said, “When you started to doubt yourself, then this song is hoped to accompany you until confidence arises because actually, we only need to listen and answer to what our hearts say.” It is harder to do than said, but you must reconsider taking this approach for your better self. This song will also be included on the duo’s upcoming fifth album that is scheduled to be released in early 2019 via Reiproject. The artwork and lyrics video was beautifully done by Rhesa Adityarama that showcases a crying woman that looks like Endah. “For A Minute” can be listened on digital streaming services and watch the lyrics video here.