While our team is getting addicted to binge-watching Netflix serials, addiction is proved to come with various forms just like Marigold said on their latest single “Addicted”. Having been released over last weekend, “Addicted” can be enjoyed on two formats; audio, and music video. Let’s break down the audio first then. This becomes the first single from Marigold without the presence of their main vocalist, Nabila. Melody who used to be in charge of the keyboard has now switched position as vocalist. So compared to their first two singles, “Cerita & Arti” or “Tension”, this single bears a slightly different vocal with a lot of resemblance to Marigold’s original vocalist. First few seconds into the song, it reminds us so much to the intro of Thundercat’s “Show You The Way”.

Marigold breaks out from their pop R&B way to infuse more jazz and soul sounding tunes on “Addicted”. Paired with their signature soulful bass from Ical, you can also hear a hint of bossa nova vibes in this song. Melody also showcases her take on rap and switch between sing and rap on the verses. The most appealing part from this song lays in its rap, the build-up to the first verse, and its bridge with the bossa nova touch. The transitions between parts go smoothly, indicating that Marigold knows their crafts so well. Unlike Nabila who was keen to belt out long and powerful notes, Melody stays within her range and utilizes it well without trying too hard to reach difficult notes.

Marigold Addicted Addicted Single

Let’s move on to the video which was directed by the one and only Prialangga, who did the visuals for Coldiac “TARA” and Beeswax “Maze of Mind”. Using a dark blue and gray-ish tone of colors, “Addicted” is interpreted differently by the director. As said on its press release, Prialangga who often applies symbolism on his videos, interpreted ‘addiction’ in various subjects and objects. “In this video, addiction is interpreted through various relationship these characters have with Marigold’s members. Each of them is connected to IV and breathing tubes,” said Prialangga. As bizarre as it may look, while your mind tries hard to decode the actual meaning of the video, we found ourselves getting immersed to the dark atmosphere of the visual. Well, if we sound bogus, might as well you take a look at it yourself.