Marigold Cerita & Arti SingleMarigold Go Steady With Their New Genre on Funky Single “Cerita & Arti”

Being in a band means an endless evolution in terms of making music, and a band named Marigold prove that they finally found their true colors after a while. Starting their journey as a pop band, Billa (vocal), Melodi (keyboard), Ivan (guitar), Ical (bass), and Haryo (drum) have released their first single called “Dilema” a year ago. H0wever on their debut single which is included in a compilation album, Marigold went on an acoustic pop route with only three members in the band. As they recruited more members along the way, they also found out that their passion in making music is doing a pop/fusion/R&B genre. So, their second single “Cerita & Arti” becomes the validation of their newfound influence. This becomes a chance for the band to re-introduce their brand in Malang’s indie music scene. “Up until now some of our friends only know our song “Dilema” which is an acoustic song filled with the first three members, now we try to offer you a fresher song with complete members who they always see when we’re on stage,” says Ivan.

Marigold Cerita & Arti SingleThe single tells about a heartbroken person who undergo the difficult phase with elegance and sternness. Starting out with upsetting lyrics, it then goes to a stronger direction in which this lead character does not need anyone by his side to be happy. Ical, the songwriter explains that an ex lover is not the happy ending and love of someone’s life. That person does not have a meaning anymore once the relationship is off. “Cerita & Arti” is a mid-tempo funk/R&B song with a little touch of blues and pop in it. The single was recorded at GZZ Records with the help of Derry and Mahatamtama as the music directors. It was recorded without Haryo since he returned to his hometown at that time. This single is planned to be revealed today on its digital format and later will be able to be accessed on Spotify. They also hope that their music could entertain the indie music enthusiasts in Malang and beyond. For the mean time, let’s listen to the song preview below. Follow the band on their Soundcloud and social media for the latest update. Their album will arrive sometime this year!