Marigold Tension SingleMarigold Reveal 3rd Single “Tension” Prior to Debut Album

The roster under GZZ Records, Marigold, have received much love for their second single (the first one after they joined the label) “Cerita & Arti” and now they are releasing their newest effort called “Tension”. Being the first ever English language song for them, Marigold hope that this song will help to boost their career in indie pop music scene. “Tension” gives a soul-tinged pop number that sees Marigold’s vocalist showcases her falsetto pipes. We are pretty much in love with the beats and those fat bass thumps on the background and there is a slight change in jazz on 3:10 mark. Sadly, the English pronunciation isn’t clear enough for us to understand. As for the meaning, the song talks about running away from all the tension and stress in life. “Tension means stress. So the ‘tension’ in this song happens when someone has a lots of problem in life. The lead actor in this song wants to run away from the problems. But it doesn’t mean that she is running away from it, but taking a little break from all of it,” explains Ical. This single was released with an accompanying music video directed by Prialangga.

This single is inspired by Marigold’s own experience and it can be applied to anyone who at one point, must have felt tired. “As human, you have the right to rest a little. This song is important for all of us and everyone who feels the same restless feelings, to take a little break for a while and start things anew again,” remarked Ical. This single also signifies Marigold’s plan to release their debut album which they haven’t revealed the release date yet. Once again, under GZZ Records, their single was produced by Mahatamtama and Derry as the music directors. The band reveal that they have currently finished 50% of their album making. Without further ado, here is Marigold with their catchy single and music video “Tension”.