Grrrl Gang Not Sad, Not Fulfilled EPHomecoming Showcase for Grrrl Gang is About To Be Held

After releasing their much-anticipated album “Not Sad, Not Fulfilled”, Yogyakarta’s based indie pop band, Grrrl Gang embarked on a tour across Indonesia and Southeast Asia. They haven’t been on a single break and are still currently on tour when this article is written. Starting from 13 October 2018, they have visited Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bogor, Bandung, Purwokerto, Solo, Magelang, Surabaya, Lombok, Canggu, Denpasar, Bangkok, and Singapore. They still left some more tour dates including Balikpapan, Samarinda, Makassar, Bone as well as Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is picked as their last stop on purpose since it signifies a homecoming show for the band who was formed there. Starting out as a quartet, Grrrl Gang has established a trio format that we are now familiar with. Akbar Rumandung (vocal & bass), Angeeta Sentana (vocal & guitar), and Edo Alvent (guitar) have one EP and one LP in total with two previously released singles. In the past year, they have joined their labelmates on Kolibri Rekords for a tour called Add as Fwendz or Internet Fwendz.

Grrrl Gang Not Sad Not Fulfilled Yogyakarta ShowFor “Not Sad, Not Fulfilled”, the theme of romance and youth become the main topic of the whole album. It doesn’t only talk about heartbreaks or love, it also contains female empowerment with further breakdown we have explained in an article. The final stop of their tour in Yogyakarta will be held on November 16th, 2018 at Jogja National Museum. They won’t be the sole performer, as Sabarbar and TARRKAM have confirmed their appearances on this event. The tickets for the show have been on sale starting from yesterday and it will be sold through three phases in which the price will be increased each time. So while it is now still very cheap, you could grab it for IDR35,000 only through online purchases. The show was held by music collective Terror Weekend and for more information, you can go to their Instagram page here.