Grrrl Gang Not Sad, Not Fulfilled EPGrrrl Gang Sets A New Standard For Themselves with “Not Sad, Not Fulfilled”

We bet it was quite hard to scramble materials in between study, so when Grrrl Gang said that they’re releasing a new EP it was quite an achievement. The indie pop band who is residing in Yogyakarta has just revealed their newest record called “Not Sad, Not Fulfilled” last week. Released under Kolibri Rekords, the album is all about youth with all its insecurities, romance, self-fulfillment, among other things. The EP is opened with a pretty mild pop track called “Love Song”, we could foresee this as a song that will be a staple on our “in love” playlist. The second track “Pop Princess” is what we live for this whole week. Started off with a loud energetic shout, the track spiraled towards an anthemic song when Angee shouted the main hook. It reminded us a lot with tracks from Avril Lavigne, Lemuria and a hint of Sleater Kinney. We root for this song even more, when we found out that it contains an encouragement for girls to leave a toxic relationship. “Night Terrors” sees the guys on Grrrl Gang take the roles of vocalist with Angee as the backing vocal. “Guys Don’t Read Sylvia Plath” raises the roof with its upbeat rhythm and this time, Grrrl Gang gives a huge middle finger to everyone who thinks that a woman should maintain a certain role in society. The EP is closed out by an already released track “Dream Grrrl”, where two vocalists from the band sing verses alternately.

Grrrl Gang Not Sad, Not Fulfilled EPListening to “Not Sad, But Not Fulfilled” is like inhaling the air that we breathed while we are young. It is full of excitement, adrenaline rush, and sweat. Being young in this era comes with so much burden, so the tracks from this band really represent it well. The mini-album which was recorded from April to September 2018 was assisted by Tutoet Daru at Lahan Erros Studio. It was then mixed and mastered by Ferry Kurniawan who has worked for Sheila on 7’s records previously. After releasing this album, Grrrl Gang has planned a 20-stop tour across the nation as well as abroad. They are slated to perform on two dates in Bangkok, Thailand, two shows during Rocking the Region at Esplanade, Singapore, another show in Manila and Kuala Lumpur as well as gigs at Semarang, Surabaya, and Malang. Catch Angeeta Sentana (vocal, guitar), Edo Alventa (guitar, vocals), and Akbar Rumandung (bass, vocals) on their tour and see more details here. Listen to “Not Sad, Not Fulfilled” in its entirety on your favorite digital streaming services or grab the CD through @kolibrirekords.

Grrrl Gang Not Sad, Not Fulfilled EP
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