Double Deer Academy Cul De Sac Tunes From TomorrowDouble Deer Academy x Cul De Sac Joined Forces on A Compilation Album

The music industry in Indonesia has been growing rapidly in the past few years and Jakarta, in particular, has its own fast-paced dynamics that keeps changing and transforming. Double Deer Academy responses to this problem with a series of workshops called Frequency Factory. Working together with Cul De Sac, DDA aims to build creativity from local artists and collectives. This time around, DDA aims to gather musicians from across Indonesia. This initiative has managed to invite 6 artists from 6 different cities in the archipelago. It is not the first time that these two creative powerhouses work together in a project. By joining Frequency Factories, these six artists are hoped to be able to produce their own track. At the end of the day, all of their songs will be put into a compilation album called “Tunes From Tomorrow”. DDA enables these six individuals to gain new knowledge and perspectives from the experts.

Double Deer Academy Cul De Sac Tunes From TomorrowLaze, the frontman of ONAR and also a part of Double Deer, along with Hogi have held a workshop on Music Production and Self-Branding. It was then followed with a recording session where they collaborate with Cul De Sac’s artists, Kara Chenoa (singer/rapper) and Radya Bagaskara (DJ/producer). The participants had finished their rigorous training from 23 – 26 October 2018. The six musicians are Rizvir, a singer and songwriter from Samarinda; King Tyrone, DJ/producer from Bandung; Soltice from Bali; Gatra from Surabaya; Fuxxzodiac, a rapper from Yogyakarta; and Abi Dizzy, a rapper from Medan. On previous editions of Double Deer Academy, the program has birthed some of the most talented musicians in Indonesia like Afgansyah Reza, Diskoria, Nino RAN, Mataharibisu, Mantra Vutura, and many more. Which one of these six artists will snatch the title of the next big thing in music? Let’s wait and see until “Tunes From Tomorrow” drops this year. For more information, stay tuned on @doubledeermusic.