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Pemakaman/Berita Kehilangan, .Feast’s Take on This Country’s Injustice

After releasing the visual and single for “Peradaban” which puts a sensitive topic like ethnic and race cleansing by those in power, .Feast cannot stay put to see another injustice happening in this country. Putting several concerns like rape culture, insurgency, and terrorist activities, they shared a new single called “Pemakaman/Berita Kehilangan”. The title which indicates dead people or missing person becomes a testament to this country’s social injustice. Those who are powerless often become the prey and it is happening again and again in a vicious cycle. Just like “Peradaban”, .Feast also features a visual for this single in a format of vertical video which can be watched on their Youtube or IG TV. The visual uses a few concerning headlines from real occurrences that happened in this country. It also shows .Feast members’ looking down on top of a grave, to befit the title of this song.

.Feast Pemakaman/Berita Kehilangan ft. Rayssa Dynta SingleWhile their previous LP “Multiverses” features collaborations from many musicians, this time they also take emerging soloist Rayssa Dynta on board to lend her vocals in this song. Rayssa Dynta’s usual soft and angelic voice becomes more powerful in this one, so it matches .Feast’s color. The new direction that the band approaches for this era is using more simple instruments and melodies compared to their first album. It results in easy-to-digest songs like “Peradaban” and “Pemakaman/Berita Kehilangan”. Besides Rayssa’s voice, you could also find lyrics from Barasuara’s “Taifun” towards the end of this song. This social anthem that .Feast is putting on is starting to grow on us and we’re not complaining a single bit. Speaking on this trend, fellow rockers Polka Wars also recently shed a spotlight to New Order regime’s brutal oppression. We are happy but sad at the same time seeing the rise of this theme on Indonesia’s music industry, happy that there are people who try to put awareness, but also sad that these alarming injustice is still happening until now. Hopefully, .Feast’s upcoming album which will be released via Karma Records will contain solid theme. Check out the single and video for “Pemakaman/Berita Kehilangan” below.