We The Fest 2018 Boasted Body Positivity and Self ConfidenceWe The Fest 2018 Boasted Body Positivity and Self Confidence

JAKARTA (7/22) – It is a pretty usual way to review a music festival from its performers, but we will try to derive from the norm and presents another outlook from our experience at We The Fest 2018. Taking place at JIExpo Kemayoran, the three-day affair of WTF 2018 was once again a Mecca for music, fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts in Indonesia. The festival gathered a plethora of personalities within its festivity and it was like seeing a rainbow there. We took our time to grasp a cohesive theme from the unwritten fashion code of WTF and we came up with a conclusion that the festival organized by Ismaya Live has become a moment for its visitors to dress their best no matter what shapes they are in.

We The Fest 2018 Boasted Body Positivity and Self ConfidenceWhether they were clad in floral, stripes, polka dots, abstract pattern, loose, tight, transparent, or even fully covered fabrics, the visitors were not shy to showcase their personalities through their fashion choices. It was like an ‘in-your-face’ statement and the festival became the perfect vehicle for it. Dressing up was also way more exciting if it was done with your group of friends. The outfits that we might think weird on daily basis, looked perfectly normal when more than a bunch of people did it too. No one dared to look down on others’ style and this kind of positivity and acceptance should be nurtured after the festival was finished.

We The Fest 2018 Boasted Body Positivity and Self ConfidenceIn our country’s ever-judgemental society, we bet it must be so hard to dress whatever you want without going through a tight scrutiny and receiving unwanted comments from the closest ones. Males or females expressed themselves in their own unique way and the addition of fun accessories only added more fun twist to their looks. For girls (and boys as well), the looks were not complete without makeup and we saw various shades of glitters, lipsticks, and eyeshadows applied to those gorgeous faces. WTF 2018 was a judgment-free space for the LGBTQ+ community as well to finally dressed, acted, and looked the way they always wanted to be.

We The Fest 2018 Boasted Body Positivity and Self ConfidenceIt was overwhelming at times, but it was also a harsh realization to recognize that it took an event, for people from any ages and gender, to be who they are when it should be a daily thing. When there must be some improvements to be made from the organizers’ side, the visitors were made to think they are perfect. In our opinion, this kind of feeling is the highest priced value of We The Fest. We hope to see more of it next year!

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