Double Deer Records MixmagSmirnoff and Mixmag Invite Us to Take A Deeper Look into Jakarta’s Electronic Scene Led By Double Deer Records

JAKARTA – A bustling metropolitan city like Jakarta has witnessed various movements in its music industry. In recent years, there is a rise of demand and supply in electronic music as it also becomes a phenomenon worldwide. Mixmag, a British-based EDM magazine team up with Smirnoff to take us into a journey where we could peek what’s happening on Jakarta’s dancefloor. One of electronic music’s collective which has spurted out some great talents from Jakarta is no other than Double Deer Records. The documentary which was shot impeccably would enable you to dissect the minds of Harry and Kimo from the aforementioned collective. These two warm and welcoming figures that represent the aspiring and dedicated local talent of Indonesia that have been brought together over a shared love of electronic music through the Double Deer collective. It’s no surprise that the two, who decided to officially come together as a collective after discovering a shared love of the music, remain passionate about spreading education to fellow locals interested in the craft and artistry of production, and continue to do so by working with initiatives like Smirnoff’s Mix It Up.

Indonesia as a melting pot of various cultures, customs, ethnics and languages has experienced numerous social and political conflicts. Double Deer Records see this problem as a source of inspiration as they aim to spread the message of unity, peace and love. The two are harnessing their own passions and in turn, giving it back to the community and bringing together fellow music lovers within Indonesia. “For me, music is like spreading love, you know?” Harvy asks. “You cannot keep the love for yourself.” Electronic music happens to be their perfect sort of medium and they are growing by the day as new rosters are being introduced under this collective. The short documentary has been premiered over at Mixmag’s official Youtube channel, as we present to you on the link below.