Buktu Mengeja Gejala Menjaga Dendam Album

“Mengeja Gejala Menjaga Dendam” by Buktu Reflects The Upsetting State of Current Era

Post rock outfit from Yogyakarta who go by the name of Buktu have released their newest album called “Mengeja Gejala Menjaga Dendam”. It was previously released on physical records and now we got the chance to enjoy the full album on digital platfroms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and so on. “We released this album on digital platforms so it can be enjoyed by many music listeners who listen to music digitally. After we produced the album, many asked us to release it on digital format. Hopefully everyone can enjoy it,” said Bona, the bassist of Buktu. Album “Mengeja Gejala Menjaga Dendam” talks about the current worries they have about the world. Those worries are not always expressed by Bodhia IA through his narration on stage, but also through their music and composition. The lyrics or the narration text itself could be multi interpretative, and that’s okay because everyone has their own perspective. FYI, Buktu always insert narration or text on their song and perform it live on stage.

Buktu Mengeja Gejala Menjaga Dendam AlbumNot only its musical aspect, Buktu also collaborate with 13 visual artists to respond the tracks in this album. “We let them interpret our songs through visual imagery,” said Yusak, the drummer of Buktu. Formed since June 2016, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Satrio Piningit Studio and released at the end of 2017. On a song called “Tunatanda” for example, Buktu incorporated robotic sound and digitalized voice footage to produce a futuristic sounding song, but still having that post-rock layered instrument in it. Other songs can be streamed through your favorite digital streaming platform. Moreover, Yusak Nugroho (drum/percussion), Aryo Bhaskoro (guitar), Zaen Dehero Pahlevi (guitar), Adhie Bona (bass), dan Bodhi IA (narrato/synthsizer) are known for giving a dramatic live music and with this album, they are only getting started. Get to know the band through their official Instagram account @b.u.k.t.u.